Perfect Presentations and Moderation! 

Creating and delivering a message with impact

Shaping and sharing your story to make a real connection with your audience

You feel comfortable speaking in English but get nervous when you have to stand in front of a group.

You might have to interview other people at an event on stage, host a panel, open a conference, pitch to investors, or represent your company in a public setting. You might have been asked to give a TED talk and you feel you are not ready. You don’t feel confident that you are using the right words or that you can really say what you want to say in English. You are not sure if you are really building a bridge to your audience in the right way. When you get asked to speak you give the opportunity away to a colleague. You don’t do it because you’re not good at it. And you’ll never get better because you never do it. You’re scared of making a mistake or having a blackout in front of all those people. You represent your company and you want to do a great job. You only get one chance to do it right and you don’t want to fail! Imagine all the things that could go wrong. Terrifying!

Imagine that you are asked to give a talk, pitch, presentation or host an event and you say ‘YES!’ because you can’t wait to start.

About me

I left a safe, well-paid job to follow my dreams and that was to be the first Personal English Coach of the Netherlands, something that no one had heard of in 2001. Now fast forward, and I’m the Personal English coach to celebrities, politicians, CEOs and top moderators and presenters like Diana Matroos (Buitenhof), Marijke Roskam (BNR) and Janneke Niessen (founder of Inspiring Fifty and Unicef Ambassador). I’m also a senior TEDx Speaker Coach and it’s a huge honor to help people around the world shape and share their stories! I’d love to help you feel confident on stage like I just did for Ms van Engelshoven, the Minister of Education, when she had to give her first Tedx talk in English! ‘Thank you Buffi for the two short sessions we did to prepare for TedXWomen. Your suggestions were spot on, and above all: I very much enjoyed your inspiring company! ‘ My goal is to inspire and motivate you to laugh and learn in my famous rock and roll style!

I designed my Perfect Presentations and Moderation Masterclass to help you OWN that stage. To feel confident and in control of your English. To know what so say and how to say it, and to build a real communication bridge to your audience. To never give the same talk twice (remember, it’s your audience’s first time, always!) I so want you to realize that you have a story to share. I’ll help you discover what it is and how to shape it in a way to leave an impression that they will remember for a long time to come! To feel confident when you are interviewing others, and know how to deal with questions and unexpected situations should they arise.


You will learn what makes an English presentation style different from a Dutch presentation style.

Activate my famous Presentation Template  to build a strong structure that has a natural ‘flow’ in your talk.

You’ll also develop a new set of vocabulary so that you’re not relying on the same words and phrases over and over again.

We will also go through exercises to help you deal with nerves and fear of failure before you take the stage.

Network with like-minded professionals from all walks of life.

Laugh and learn in my famous rock and roll style, with videos, quizzes, and very lame jokes! There’s never a dull moment when you’re learning Buffi-style!

We will also go through exercises to help you deal with nerves and fear of failure before you take the stage.

You’ll also know how to create your own TED talk, so you will be prepared if (I mean WHEN!) you get asked!

You’ll also learn helpful phrases for interviewing, opening and closing panel discussions and events.

Where and when?

Thursday 9 May, 2019

We’re at the brand new, 4-star Corendon Village Hotel, which is easy to get to by public transport and I’ve arranged free parking. Our day will start at 10.30 and end at 16.30 with a celebratory drink to toast to your success! The price of 279E* includes coffee/tea (and yes a soy cappuccino is no problem), a lovely lunch, afternoon tea break, and all drinks, snacks and sweets. My exclusive workbook, a copy of the slides, and a personal certificate of participation are also included. (*Excl. VAT)

Interested in multiple events or group tickets? I’m happy to talk discounts! Contact me for more information.


YES! I’m ready to share my story!

What clients say (without a bribe)

“I needed to be confident to speak in front of large groups. This was easily achieved with such a wonderful coach. Her enthusiasm was contagious. I am so grateful to you, Buffi!”

“Buffi is the best presentation coach in the Netherlands. I’ve recommended her so many times. Also for my international network.”

“Thank you Buffi for the two short sessions we did to prepare for TedXWomen. Your suggestions were spot on, and above all: I very much enjoyed your inspiring company!”

“Buffi helped me to feel so confident in English and now I am able to communicate easily all over the world. Thanks, Buffi – you’re the best!”

Buffi is an artist with words in the English language. If you think she cannot improve your English, think again! It should be mandatory for non-native English speakers to have their speeches, TED Talks or otherwise, screened by Buffi. We would all benefit! I truly rocked my TedxWomen talk! Thanks, Buffi!”

“Buffi’s coaching is straight from the heart, direct and fun. She helped me formulate the essence of my lifes work for my TEDtalk and her encouragement all the way on stage gave me the confidence that I needed to share my story in English. She had my back 100% ❤ Thank you Buffi!”

Not sure if this is for you?

Do you avoid situations where you need to speak English in public?

Are you afraid of having a blackout on stage?

Do you not know how to prepare a good talk in English?

Afraid of dealing with spontaneous situations during or after your talk?

Do you hesitate about what questions to ask if you are hosting a panel?

Confused about other ways to open or close an event?

 Are you getting tired of listening to yourself?

Have you been asked to give a TED talk but you said no?

Is it your dream to give a TED talk but you don’t know how?

This masterclass is for you if:

This masterclass is NOT for you if:

YES! I want to OWN that stage!


You can pay when you register, and you can pay with iDeal, PayPal, or credit card.

Yes you get one right after payment has been completed.

No, you will get a Buffilove notebook (the old-fashioned kind) and a light-up pen. That’s all the technology you will need!

Yes, I’ve arranged free parking for all participants.

Unfortunately we are unable to give refunds but you can send someone in your place.

Yes, you can, and you get 10% off if you buy 2 tickets.

Yes, you do, and the answers are included (no cheating!)

Yes, but I can explain things in Dutch if needed, and you can ask questions in Dutch if you need to, no problem.

Nope. Everyone is at round tables so you can meet the fabulous people sitting with you and learn together!


Yes, it’s a huge Mediterranean buffet with lots of veggie options. The hummus is excellent, by the way.

Are there vegan and gluten- free options for the snacks, drinks, and meals? For sure! Just let us know by mailing a week before the event and we will take care of it!

Yes! You will get a personally signed Certificate of Achievement at the end of the program!

YES! My story needs to be shared! Let’s go for it!

“Let’s put the ‘present’ back into ‘presentations’!”

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