FREE 5-DAY CHALLENGE: From Awkward to Awesome in English!
We kick off on September 28!

I get it.
Doubts about your English hold you back.
They keep your business from expanding.
They keep your network small.

You’re smart and a total pro…in your own language?
But how do you come across in English?

Even if you use English every day, you’re not getting feedback every day.
And guess what?
Not getting feedback does NOT mean you’re not making mistakes.
It just means you’re working with people who don’t know, or don’t care.

I know.
And I care.

I’m Buffi Duberman, originally from New York, and I have over 30 years in helping high-performance people feel awesome in English. I’ve personally coached over 10,000 clients, and about 2 million people have learned with me online.

I’m the secret weapon behind so many celebrities, CEOs, artists, and politicians.
And now you can learn my secrets, too!

In this free, 5-day Awkward to Awesome English challenge, I’m going to share the best of the best. One tip, tool, and technique that will help you ditch the doubt and end the shame game.

Because life is too short to feel bad about your English.
Let’s embark on a fun, free, and fabulous learning journey which will help you level up and eliminate the mistakes you’ve been making in grammar, writing, vocabulary, presentations, and pronunciation.

It’s time to level up, Buffi style.
I’ve got a huge heart, tons of humor, and 3 decades of expertise, all coming to you in your inbox.

We kick off on September 28. Are you going to join the learning journey? Or are you going to hold on to doubt, and just hope for the best?