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Learn and apply new vocabulary
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Learn new techniques and apply them immediately in this dynamic 30-minute masterclass!

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Hi, I'm Buffi

I’ve been on this incredible journey since 1990, helping individuals like you to confidently share their passion, expertise, and business with the world.  

As a personal and corporate English Communication Coach, my mission is to empower you to ditch the embarrassment and truly feel like your authentic self when engaging in professional communication in English.

I’ve seen it all…

😳 The uncertainty of sounding polite enough
😳 Grappling with grammar
😳 Struggling to find the right word
😳 Finding the correct way to formulate an email
😳 Capturing nuances in English that you effortlessly make in your own language

It’s these challenges that inspired me to create the Business Blunders Masterclass.

I’ve helped over 10.000 clients feel confident in English. 

Now its your turn!

MediaYou might have seen or heard me here:

“Buffi helped me to achieve a good level in business English. Her enthusiasm, professionalism and creativity are so inspiring. She also had a very good understanding about my business, not only including my work as an artist for radio and television, but also as a moderator for international corporate events. Buffi is one of a kind and an absolute joy to work with.”
Diana Matroos
Journalist, moderator and host of Buitenhof and BNR Nieuwsradio
“I needed to be confident to speak in front of large groups. This was easily achieved with such a wonderful coach. I also asked Buffi to host our Celebrate the Changemakers event. I was so impressed that she introduced every speaker with a poem she wrote just for them – her enthusiasm was contagious. I am so grateful to you, Buffi!”
Merijn Everaarts
Founder and Owner Dopper

What's on the inside?

In just 30 minutes, this masterclass, complete with English subtitles, is designed to transform your confidence when it comes to professional communication.

You’ll also get a transcript of the entire session for easy reference. Plus, the 44-pages workbook is packed with detailed explanations, practical exercises and useful phrases to activate and apply what you are learning immediately!

It’s your ticket to gaining more confidence in your English communication. Let’s rock this class and make those blunders disappear…together!


Discover the Most Common Writing Mistake that Nobody Told You About

Change this Word, Change Your Message

Strike the Right Tone with Email Icebreakers and Endings 

Building a Strong Foundation – Present Tenses, Past Tenses, & Pesky Prepositions

Formal & Informal Vocabulary Development

Useful Phrases for Apologizing, Giving Praise, & Expressing Urgency Professionally

Transform your English confidence today!

Exclusive offer! €67  €47

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