Howdy, Maestro/a!

I’d love to help you like I’ve helped so many artists with their lyrics, pronunciation, media training, or accent reduction for their next song, role or voiceover. It’s a joy to be involved in this incredible process, and I get the biggest kick out of hearing songs or scripts we worked on when they’re shared on the radio, on stage, or on screen! (Or yes, even playing in my supermarket! Love it!) We can do this either face-to-face or on Zoom, depending on your schedule and your budget. In order to find the program that suits you best, I’d like you to fill in the Artist Coaching intake and I’ll get in touch with you soon! Artist coaching starts at €249 (excl. VAT/btw).

‘Buffi always helps me to make my lyrics grow. And she is so fast. I’d love to play new songs moments after they’re written for an audience. And she makes that happen. She knows me. That helps when someone redirects the lyrics. So much love to Buffi.

‘As an artist, going from 0 to 90% is easy. It’s that last 10% that’s tricky. That’s when Buffi comes in and gets us there!

I really loved working with Buffi- she gave me such confidence in my English pronunciation during the filming of The Hope Affair!

How I can help you

Visual imagery
Vocabulary choice and expansion
Emotional language
Descriptive language
Use of Rhyme
Dealing with writer’s block
Grammar help

Accent Reduction
Vowel extension
Buzzed and blown TH sound
Timing, flow, phrasing
Muting, punching, and blending
Voiceover / Role script support
Pre-studio coaching
In-studio coaching and support (during recording or filming)

Being diplomatic
Knowing the nice to know vs the need to know
Creating scoops and angles
Vocabulary enhancement so your story is never boring
Finding new communication angles
Knowing how to share your story according to the media platform
Diplomatic language
Sharing facts/data in an exciting and fresh way
Crafting and editing of press releases

See something here you like? Super! Let me know and let’s get started!