Does your English need some Buffilove?
Here’s how to get some online!

Would you like to gain more confidence in English in the privacy of your own home (except the bathroom)?

Ready to nail your next pitch, presentation, or meeting?

Are you looking forward to pressing the ‘send’ button with confidence?

Tired of doubting yourself, or relying on the same (boring!) words over and over again?

Would you like to work with a coach who is 100% committed to helping you meet (and exceed!) your goals and can work with you when it fits your schedule?

“Buffi brought my confidence back in English during our online sessions. She’s such a great teacher – thank you so much Buffi, it really made a difference!

– Frits Sissing –

Well…hello there!

I’ve been working online for several years, as I have clients all over the world. Online coaching is just as effective as face-to-face coaching. The only downside is that there’s no hugging!

I coach online via Zoom in private sessions that are then recorded confidentially and sent to you. Many clients listen to them again as a podcast and refer to them often after the session has ended to freshen up on the concrete tips and tricks shared in the session. You also get a copy of the session notes, the chat, and the screen sharing that occurred during our session.

Private coaching sessions start at 497E (ex VAT/BTW) for 2 sessions, and you can buy up to 10 sessions at a time, for a reduced price, if desired.

Would you like to add more to our sessions? This can also be supplemented with lifetime access to my online Business English Communication Course to raise the bar on your Business English skills. This is 997E (ex VAT/BTW).

I also offer general support packages online, where I help you before, during, or after our sessions with your personal communication assignments. Here I provide motivation, feedback, and inspiration to help you reach your goals even faster! An online support package starts at 347E (ex VAT/BTW).

There’s nothing but a screen between us, darling!

Interested in online coaching? Grab your intake here and I’ll be in touch very soon!

I’ve got 5 different online programs that will help anytime, anyplace!

Sunday’s Cool

Are you too cool for school? What if the coolest English school came to you, every Sunday for 12 weeks? What if, every Sunday, you got a fun video lesson that showed you how to learn, use, and remember between 5 and 10 new words for that week? And what if you had a cool, comprehensive workbook that took you even further in your quest to have fun and expand and solidify your English communication skills? Well, welcome to Sunday’s Cool– the coolest school that comes to you!

Great in 8

Work in a small, motivated group for 8 weeks to get the most out of your English! We will go through my Business English Communication Course, which will help you write and speak like a BOSS (and you keep the course after the program has ended)! I’ll coach you every week through so many aspects of English communication, by giving you feedback, motivation, inspiration, and new challenges. I will also work with you on your own Personal Communication Project privately, so that you can really apply everything that you are learning to your own personal or professional situation. You’ll also work with like-minded people and be inspired by others!

Rock Your English! @ home

Learn English with your favorite artists! Learn English grammar and vocabulary with behind the scenes lessons from Racoon, Tim Knol, Within Temptation, and more!

Business English For Busy People

This is where I share my pro coach tips and tricks that I use in private sessions with global CEOs. Raise the bar on your professional communication skills with video deep dives and worksheets on elevator pitches, formal and informal English, writing skills, vocabulary expansion, networking like a native, pronunciation tips and tricks, and so much more!

Powerful Podcasts

Ready to increase your online presence? Powerful Podcatsts (and very valuable vlogs and blogs!)