What clients say (without a bribe):

“I didn’t want to mess up my lyrics. That’s why I called Buffi. And I’m so glad I did!”

Danny Vera

Musician / singer / songwriter

“Buffi helped me to feel so confident in English and now I am able to communicate easily all over the world. Thanks, Buffi – you’re the best!”

Dr. Freek Vonk

Biologist / TV personality

“From a British to an American accent in just two sessions. Thanx darling Buffi”

Linda de Mol

TV personality / Actress

“Buffi has helped me so much with my international interviews. Her advice just makes perfect sense!”

Caro Emerald


“Thank you Buffi for the two short sessions we did to prepare for TedXWomen. Your suggestions were spot on, and above all: I very much enjoyed your inspiring company!”

Ingrid van Engelshoven

Minister van Onderwijs, Cultuur en Wetenschap

“Buffi helped me to achieve a good level in business English. Her enthusiasm, professionalism and creativity are so inspiring. She also had a very good understanding about my business, not only including my work as an artist for radio and television, but also as a moderator for international corporate events. Buffi is one of a kind and an absolute joy to work with.”

Diana Matroos

Journalist, moderator and host of Buitenhof and BNR Nieuwsradio

“What a great voice-coach and quite frankly wonderful woman Buffi is! I Love Buffi! She is one of those teachers you wish you had in high school: funny, witty and super duper critical on your pronunciation, but in a good way! All to help you grow your ability to speak amazing English. We had a great session. You immediately feel at home with her, Its a bit like reconnecting with an old friend, but one who is just really serious about your language! 😉 Buffi lets you fall in love with your English all over again! Highly recommended!”

Jakob Krabbé

Allround Voice-Over Professional

Buffi is an artist with words in the English language. If you think she cannot improve your English, think again! It should be mandatory for non-native English speakers to have their speeches, TED Talks or otherwise, screened by Buffi. We would all benefit! I truly rocked my TedxWomen talk! Thanks, Buffi!”

Prof. Lokke Moerel

International Cyber Security Lawyer and Advisor

“Buffi asked me this question in my first meeting with her: “How many words you can think of instead of ‘good’? I came up with ‘great, awesome, fantastic, super, nice….’
Now I understand that you wanted me to describe you as a person. Thanks so much for helping  me as a person but we are not finished yet….!”

Mike van Tilburg

CCO GoodHabitz

“Buffi’s coaching is straight from the heart, direct and fun. She helped me formulate the essence of my lifes work for my TEDtalk and her encouragement all the way on stage gave me the confidence that I needed to share my story in English. She had my back 100% ❤ Thank you Buffi!”

Jessica Gyasi

Model and Entrepreneur

“I needed to be confident to speak in front of large groups. This was easily achieved with such a wonderful coach. I also asked Buffi to host our Celebrate the Changemakers event.  I was so impressed that she introduced every speaker  with a poem she wrote just for them – her enthusiasm was contagious. I am so grateful to you, Buffi!”

Merijn Everaarts

Founder and Owner Dopper

“I have not regretted the day I chose Buffi for my English coaching. What a great coach! She is so energetic and has such a big and warm heart. I love her way of coaching and she has helped me tremendously in such a short period of time,  and she combines that with lots of fun. I was so nervous to speak in public, and it’s not only much easier now – I really enjoy it! Many thanks Buffi♥”

Ineke Kooistra

CEO Young Capital

“Thanks for your Rock Your Business Course! Your expertise regarding the mistakes the Dutch often makes was very helpful and is essential. Especially if there is limited time.  Also the presentation to practice our skills was useful.
Your books are easy to read and I know for sure that I will use them to improve my English. Also your tips regarding interesting sites is valuable.”

Eileen Wernsen

E-Commerce Manager, Eurocamp

“Buffi is my lyrics specialist. I don’t write without her!”

Bart van der Weide

Singer and lyricist Racoon

“Buffi is the best presentation coach in the Netherlands. I’ve recommended her so many times-  not just for Improve Digital, but also for my international network.”

Janneke Niessen

Co-founder Improve Digital/ EY Entrepreneur of the Year/ Unicef Ambassador

“When you work with Buffi, you get the feeling that nobody else matters. Buffi’s online course inspires me to keep working on my English, and I’m becoming much more confident when I write and when I speak!”

Jan-Henk Bouwman


“Buffi’s in-company Rock Your Business English course was really a mirror for me. No matter how good you think your English is, everyone can really benefit from this course.”

Wouter van der Heijden

Managing Director, A Friend Of Mine

“I have done several media training sessions with Buffi, and I learn something new every time!”

Paul Rabbering

Radio 2 DJ

“Buffi understands as none other that education is all about people. She’s such an example to so many.”

Jan Marijnissen

Retired member of Parliament

“Buffi rocked my English AND Dutch and is a fabulous person. She helped me prepare for presentation and debates about investment. She helped me create useful phrases, improved my vocabulary, and gave me presentation tips I could also apply to Dutch presentations! Thank you Buffi!”

Janneke Willemse

Presentatrice & beurscommentator @RTL Z belegger/ Financieel journalist/ Dagvoorzitter

“I really loved working with Buffi- she gave me such confidence in my English pronunciation during the filming of The Hope Affair!”

Monic Hendrikx


“I had the privilege to work with Buffi for TEDxAmsterdamWomen. I was so afraid to go on stage, but Buffi gave me the feedback, tools, but most of all the confidence to do it. Her bubbly personality made it an absolute joy working with her. Thanks, Buffi!” 

Sheila Klein Schiphorst

Operational Director, TEDXAmsterdamWomen

“Buffi brought my confidence back in English during our online sessions. She’s such a great teacher – thank you so much Buffi, it really made a difference!”

Frits Sissing

TV personality

”As an artist, going from 0 to 90% is easy. It’s that last 10% that’s tricky. That’s when Buffi comes in and gets us there!”

Alex Callier

Hooverphonic and The Voice

“Buffi always helps me to make my lyrics grow. And she is so fast. I’d love to play new songs moments after they’re written for an audience. And she makes that happen. She knows me. That helps when someone redirects the lyrics. So much love to Buffi. ❤️”

Tim Knol


“I always love working with Buffi- her energy and her unique approach help so much with role preparation! Thanks Buffi!”

Tim Haars


“Thanks for being such a cheerleader to my development and giving me direct and practical feedback! Guess that is one of the main reasons I would like to work with you again in the future!”

Iris Timmermans


“In the European environment I work in, there are many non-native English speakers, and I struggle with improving my English skills and avoiding Europenglish 😉 because of a lack of good examples. After coaching, I can express what I want more diplomatically, I have a broader range of options to share my opinion in international (online) meetings, and I improved my speech-writing skills.
Buffi is an excellent teacher who adapts easily to how you learn best. She is also very good in teaching English whilst helping you solve a complicated situation in an international cooperation, where diplomacy is key. And what I like most is that Buffi is a fast thinker and has a great sense of humour!”

Audrie van Veen

Amsterdam Economic Board

“You’re very clear, kind, yet ‘to the point’ and it felt like a very effective way of coaching: in just three sessions I learned so much and saw a real improvement in my accent!” 

Aiko Beemsterboer