Sunday’s Cool


Are you too cool for school?

What if the coolest English school came to you, every Sunday for 12 weeks?

What if, every Sunday, you got a fun video lesson that showed you how to learn, use, and remember between 5 and 10 new words for that week?

And what if you had a cool, comprehensive workbook that took you even further in your quest to have fun and expand and solidify your English communication skills?

Well, welcome to Sunday’s Cool– the coolest school that comes to you!


“Thank you for everything, Buffi- I’m so happy with the result!”

– Linda de MOl –

Every Sunday you’ll get access to a new video from yours truly, explaining the theme of the week and the words and phrases that you’ll be using that week. You’ll also get a 10-page comprehensive workbook that will help you with grammar exercises (with answers!) and communication skills to get you to the next level and prepare you for the week ahead. You can watch the videos anytime you like, and you can download the workbooks and keep them forever.

We end every lesson with a reflection assignment (to help you learn more about yourself!) based on an inspirational quote, with wise words from everyone from Buddha to Bruce Willis.

You never know what next week’s lesson will be about, but here are some of the themes we’ll be covering:

After the 12-week program has finished, you’ll have learned nearly 100 new words, phrases, and communication strategies! Isn’t that (Sunday’s) cool? (Yes, it is.)


Sunday’s Cool includes


“One day I made myself a promise ‘If I want to learn English, I only want to learn it from the best teacher there is!’ So that’s what I did. Thank you so much, Buffi!”

– Yvonne Dekter –

“Your humor and expertise come through in everything you do! I love learning with you!”

– Henk Bouwmeester –

Start: Sunday
Price: 149€ ex VAT

Class is starting soon, don’t be late!

See you soon in Sunday’s Cool!


You can buy the course by clicking right HERE. We accept Ideal, credit card and PayPal payments. You will get your first lesson on the first Sunday after payment.

It costs 149€. 21% tax will be added when ordering.

No. You pay for the entire course before starting. Sunday’s Cool is for (lower) intermediate to advanced levels. It is not for absolute beginners, as everything is in English. Every Sunday at 9 am (Amsterdam time), you will receive a mail with a link and password. This will give you access to the first (or next) lesson of Sunday’s Cool. Once you visit the link and enter the password, you will see the video lesson and your workbook. You can download the workbook, keep it forever, and use it anytime you like. There are exercises in the workbook and you can fill them in, in the workbook itself. There are answers in all the workbooks so you can check your progress. But no cheating! ;)No. You will be given the website link and password every Sunday but you can access the (next or previous) lessons at any time. Take all the time you need. Sunday’s Cool is never closed, but every Sunday for 12 Sundays you will get the link to access the next lesson. You should start with the video first. You can pause or rewind it at any time. You can read the full transcript of the video lesson and highlight parts that you want to remember or focus on. You can read the grammar and communication sections, and fill in the exercises given. Then you can check your answers, which are also in the workbook. There is a written reflection assignment at the end of each workbook. This is for you to fill in for yourself, and you might find that your answers may change in time. Feel free to download the workbook and keep it to use as often as you like. Yes! But it’s copyrighted so it may not be shared, copied or distributed in any way whatsoever. Nope. All of the materials in Sunday’s Cool are the intellectual property of Buffi Duberman and may not be shared, distributed, or copied in any way whatsoever. Absolutely! As often as you like! Every Sunday you’ll get the password for the next lesson, and also for the previous lessons, so you can go back and check. Yup! Just use the link and password provided in the mail you received to access that lesson. Every mail we send will have a list of the links and passwords of the lessons you have already done, so you can go back anytime you like!Because life is full of surprises, darling – that’s what makes it so exciting! Each lesson will be fun, practical, and interesting, and have the same setup. That’s my promise to you! I’m afraid that’s not possible.

Always check your spam box first, as sometimes the Sunday’s Cool mail ends up there. If you cannot find it or have other issues, please send a mail to and we will be on it like a bonnet!

Yes! When Sunday’s Cool is finished, you will get a Sunday’s Cool certificate as a PDF in the last mail. Make a selfie with it, post it and tag me so I can share it and show the world what a Sunday’s Cool graduate looks like! The hashtag is (surprise surprise) #sundayscool 🙂

Nope. Sunday’s Cool is completely online, and you will learn at your own speed, on your own. If you are interested in personal coaching, please send a mail to

Right now! Click HERE to order. You’ll get a mail with access to your first lesson on the first Sunday after you’ve registered (and every Sunday after that). If you have ordered on a Sunday, you’ll get your first lesson on the following Sunday.

You will receive your first lesson the following Sunday.

Even better – the whole school is in your phone! 🙂

Sunday’s Cool includes


“I didn’t think learning English was cool until I found you. Thank you for making it so much fun!”

– Agathe Scheurs –

“Buffi understands as none other that education is all about people. She’s such an example to so many.”

– Jan Marijnnisen –