Webinar replay

Welcome to the Communicate With Confidence Webinar Replay!

This is where you can watch the magic for the first time, if you missed it, or once again, if you just can’t get enough Buffilove!

You might want to grab a pen and paper (yes, I’m really old-fashioned that way) so that you can take notes and absorb all the Golden Nuggets of Knowledge that I’m about to bestow upon you!

Believe me, there’s a lot.

In my Communicate With Confidence Webinar, I show you:

  • Why your English might not be as good as you think
  • How changing 1 word can make you unemployed, homeless, or a murderer
  • How to play with the formality of English and sound less direct
  • How to express your opinion, agree, and disagree in different ways
  • How to never confuse confusing words again
  • The Bad News Sandwich (my favorite recipe)
  • The 3 biggest pitfalls in English presentations
  • New ways to improve your pronunciation

…and so much more!

I really loved doing this webinar. And I loved the reactions…

I learned more in that hour than any course I’ve ever taken!’

‘OMG, I’ve been doing so many things wrong! Thanks for letting me know!’

‘I finally understand how much there is to learn in English- mine is much too basic- I need an upgrade!’

And, if you liked it, I have some more where that came from! I’d love to help you continue that learning journey with me! Now it’s time to get even more active in English! That’s why I’d like to help you with

  • creating a killer elevator pitch
  • discovering new email approaches so that you always strike the right tone
  • how to dive deep into the subtleties and nuances of (advanced) grammar and come out alive….and smarter
  • the secrets to really making a strong connection with your audience by creating ‘magnets’ and ‘hooks’
  • negotiation dealmakers and dealbreakers
  • how to network with ease and confidence, so you always make the right impression

and so much more! (Like TONS more!)

This is what my Business English Communication Course is all about. When you sign up you get:

  • 9 video Deep Dive masterclasses from yours truly (with downloadable slides)
  • Worksheets and answer pages (also downloadable) for every module so you can activate what you just learned and get immediate feedback
  • On demand learning
  • Lifetime access….


And….wait for it….if you order before 11.59 pm on Tuesday April 21 you get me…for free!

Yes! I am offering a free online coaching session (which normally goes for 250E) to everyone who orders my online course by midnight on April 21! My gift to you, as I’m 100% committed to helping you grow and develop as an English communicator!

This means I can help you get to the next level even faster, and personally and privately coach you on your own individual goals, like:

  • preparing or practising a pitch, presentation, or keynote
  • organizing and cleaning up your grammar with actionable tips and tricks
  • checking your website copy and making it shine and sparkle
  • giving you personal pronunciation pointers to help you speak with confidence, reduce your accent, and sound more natural
  • helping you develop (new) negotiation or network strategies
  • helping you prepare for a job interview
  • checking your CV and making it stand out
  • checking important emails and giving you honest feedback
  • helping you prepare for a panel or debate…
  • practicing small talk for unexpected situations
  • answering your questions about my Business English Communication Course

..or whatever else you like!

This free online coaching session will take place by December 18, 2020 and will be last 45-60 minutes.

It’s non-transferrable and no refunds will be given if it’s not used.

This offer of a free coaching session expires at midnight (Amsterdam time!)  on April 21, 2020. If you’d like to work with me for free, this is your (only!) chance!

I’ll send you your free coaching voucher and your log in information within 24 hours of ordering my Business English Communication Course!

Thanks so much!

Enjoy the webinar replay and I am so excited to work with you!

X buffi