Welcome to my Zoom Room!

Zoom sessions are an effective and convenient way to work on your English communication skills (while still wearing sweatpants, if that’s your thing!). In our sessions we discuss what you need coaching and improvement on, whether it’s a  specific project (like preparing for a pitch, presentation or network event for example), or working on general English communication. During the session I give you feedback on your grammar, style, tone, pronunciation and vocabulary use. I also suggest challenges to help you grow even more and streeeeeeetch that comfort zone! Zoom sessions are personal, confidential, and you don’t even have to get off the couch!

A Zoom session is 45 minutes long, and every Zoom session is recorded and sent to you afterwards (together with all the coaching notes), so that you can refer back to them anytime you like! Once you have downloaded the session recording, it is deleted from my computer.


‘After my Zoom sessions, I can speak with a lot more confidence. I really loved the flexibility of working with Buffi!’

You can book just 1 session, or a session and a follow up, or 4 sessions to start. The coaching fee includes the session notes and any additional coaching materials (worksheets, links, or documents) that are relevant to your session. Zoom sessions can all be combined with (lifetime access to) my Business English Communication Course at an additional charge.


I also have a Zoom Coaching package, which consists of 4 Zoom sessions (45 minutes each) combined with 4 weeks of online support. This means that you can have a weekly Zoom session, and then you get to work. Every week you can send me your homework, assignments, or projects that you are working on, and every week I’ll send you digital feedback to supplement the coaching sessions and get you to the next level even faster! The Zoom Coaching package can also be combined with (lifetime access to) my Business English Communication Course at an additional charge.

 Zoom coaching starts at € 1250 (ex VAT/btw). If you’d like to check my availability, please fill in your intake form and I’ll be in touch with you very soon!