I hate her.

There’s this woman I hate.And if you know me, you know that ‘hate’ is not a word I use often. But I really hate this person.She shows up at the worst times.She’s never invited.She never wants to leave. Who is this horrible stranger?Well….she’s not a stranger at all. She’s me.Buffi.But…she’s Judge Buffi. The minute I […]


In Jan 2022 I got a text from Rico. I nearly dropped my phone. He was asking for help with A. BIG. PROJECT. An international production and Rico’s first feature role as a serious actor, not just a fighter. His English needed to be natural and authentic while maintaining the intensity of the role. We worked […]

English coaching for The Talent Project!

It was wonderful to be the English coach for The Talent Project and work with such incredibly dedicated candidates. We blew and buzzed the THs, vibrated the Vs, rounded out the vowels, muted the Ts and Ds, worked on timing, flow, muting, punching, knitting, lyrics comprehension, and so much more. Can’t wait for next season! […]