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Hello sweetie. Thank you so much for letting me slip into your inbox today! I’m so happy to be here. I sure needed a change of scenery as I was getting kind of depressed just sitting at home watching my cat

BOGO, darlings! BOGO?!?

Yes. BOGO. I’m about to teach you a new word and give you a gift for Valentine’s Day at the same time. That’s just how I roll.

The new word is BOGO. What’s a BOGO, you might ask? I’ll tell you. Right…now. BOGO is Buy One Get One. It has a cousin called BOGOF – Buy One, Get One Free. And that’s exactly what I’m doing with my Rock Your English! course for the next 7 days. Happy Valentines’ Day, darling! It’s time to spread the Buffilove. If you’d like to learn English from Within Temptation, Racoon, Tim Knol, Anneke van Giersbergen, Lucky Fonz III and some of my other fabulous friends, I’d love to give you a second course for free!

For €54,99, you get:

2x my Rock Your English! book-15 chapters on English grammar and vocabulary development, with lyrics, pop quizzes, and creative writing exercises.
2x my Rock Your English! @ Home video course – where all my musical friends talk about English in their lyrics, following the book, and help me with the pop quiz. (And sometimes they do a little dance.) Place your orders here


  1. This offer ends at midnight on Sunday, February 16th.
  2. The promotional code is BOGO.
  3. The 2 books must be delivered to the same post address.

So darlings, Happy Valentine’s Day! Now go out there and get grammarlicious with the one you love. Ooh!


Many people get ‘few’ and ‘little’ confused – here’s a quick test to see if you know the difference! How well did you do? Hope you rocked it!


“Hey, Buffi, when do I use ‘for’ and when do I use ‘since’?” – from S, a student, last week.

Glad that you asked! Both ‘for’ and ‘since’ are used for activities that are still going on. For example, you can say “I have worked there for 3 years” or “I have worked there since 2011.”. You still work there for both situations, but they take different perspectives. We use ‘for’ to talk about the period of time an action has been going on, and it’s usually followed by a number – for 3 years, 3 days, 3 minutes, 3 weeks, etc. ‘Since’ is used to talk about the day, date, or time the action started  – since Monday, since I was a child, since I woke up this morning, since October 2nd, etc. Hope that helps!


But I really, really have to dash. I have get to Hoorn for Tim Knol’s premiere tonight, and correct more exams, write a column and NOT look at shoe websites…..hope you have a lovely week, and thank you for letting me slip into your inbox! Sending you an Olympic gold medal for being such an awesome person…you really are the bestest you ever.

See you next week!

Wit BOGO lof from buffi x

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