She was shocked when this happened.

Her voice was shaking.  “I have no idea why he reacted that way. He seemed really upset! I feel so stupid. No idea what I did to make him seem so angry.”“I’m curious…what did you say to him?”“You’re wrong.” “Oh….I see.”*****This is a quote from one of my recent coaching sessions. My client is a Dutch executive. Which […]

Will I be seeing you tomorrow at my free masterclass?

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Hi! I might have some shocking news for you.You might communicate in English all the time.Maybe every day.But….are you also getting feedback every day? Has anyone ever told you that you’re leaning too much on the same old words, again and again?Or that if you had switched the adjective, it would have made your copy […]

If you like it then you should put a frame on it.

Hi, and a very happy Monday to you!  IF YOU LIKE IT THEN YOU SHOULD PUT A FRAME ON IT.  What?This is all about…framing.This is something that native speakers do so naturally, but non-natives have to work hard (and often read between the lines) to learn how to do this. And guess what? This important […]

I’m doing a free webinar on Jan 31 – join me and flip the script!

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Scenes from my inbox: ‘Buffi, I keep translating everything into English but I don’t think it really sounds great. Can you help?’ ‘I really want to make a dazzling pitch to get investors on board – but how do I do that in English?’ ‘I was asked to write a professional recommendation – I said no because […]

This picture is worth 10,000 clients.

Buffi Duberman Communication Nation Learning Journey

Happy Monday!  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.This picture is worth 10,000 clients (or more)! It took me a very long time to create a visual image for how I work.My coaching approach. How people learn with me.How, no matter what skill you want to work on, this is how we develop […]

I want you to lose the weight this year.

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Hi! I WANT YOU TO LOSE THE WEIGHT THIS YEAR. But I’m not talking about kilos or pounds.  Your body is a wonderland and is absolutely gorgeous as it is.  What a wonderful soul shell you have! (Go kiss the mirror after reading this.) The weight I want you to lose is the weight of […]

2022, this is what I learned from you.

Buffi Duberman Confidence

It’s a WRAP! I cannot believe this crazy year has come and gone.Wow. I truly feel you are who you surround yourself with.As you can see, 2022 surrounded me with wonderful people, places, and passion. I felt surrounded by love. And that love was brought by my family, my friends, my clients, and my team.Welcomed […]

Let’s end this year lighter and brighter!

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Can you D.I.G. it? Yes, you can! I had to jump into your inbox to share something very simple. Yet very powerful with you. It’s been a huge game changer for my clients, and I know it will serve you well as we leave this wonderful, crazy, hectic, gorgeous year. It’s my very own D.I.G. Method©. […]

I have a little gift for you…

Happy holidays! I am just jumping into your inbox today to share a special gift I made for you. And I rapped it myself! Click on the box to open! Wishing you love and light, health and happiness. Thank you for making this year so special for me! Love, Buffi

It’s a win-win situation….

It’s a win-win! My clients are busy. They are movers and shakers, and thought leaders in their field. They want results, and they don’t have a lot of time. They often ask me to help them negotiate better deals in English. Here are 3 tips I’d like to share with you: 1.DITCH THE DOUBT: If you […]