Why your school English will not get you through business

In my Great in 8 session last week, my members were shocked when I shared how native speakers ‘frame’ bad news. Have a look at these pictures, and you’ll see what I mean. Here are 2 different ways to share bad news. (The first one is actually what I heard from my web builder a […]

Tough day today. Here’s why.

Check your calendar. It’s today. I used to take September 11 off, to sit and remember the people we lost on that day, in my beloved city. My friend Dave, my brother’s dear friend Mark. And thousands of others. Later that year, I started wearing a flower in my hair every day, to honor my […]

Back to school, and back on track!

Well hello there, I hope your summer has been just as awesome as mine was. It was so wonderful to be offline and explore new places with my favorite people. (Despite seeing all the English mistakes everywhere…!) I know it’s hard to go from living without a clock, to making every minute count.Here are 5 […]

It’s my birthday today! I love being 55 already!

Hi! Today I turn 55!I cannot believe it. I feel like I’m 28, until I try to read something, then my blind eyes tell me I’m 55 and to go get my readers on….haha! And instead of getting gifts, this year I’m giving them.I have 5 of them for you, actually.But you can’t open them […]

You know what I did last summer…!

How was your summer?Mine was magnificent. I was on the lookout….for English mistakes! Here are some gems from Germany, Croatia, and Italy. The last one…BLEW MY MIND! Can you spot the mistakes? Hope your summer has been amazing, and don’t forget that a spellcheck can be your best friend! See you next week! Love,Buffi

OOO, baby! How to write a great Out Of Office mail.

Buffi Duberman Communication Nation join the team

It’s that time of year again, when I receive out of office mails on the daily, and many of them are a perfect 10. This means that all 10 toes are curled because they can be so much better! Saying you are out of communication is STILL communication. So let’s write a great Out Of […]

5. Months. Left.

It’s the end of July. Where has this year gone? It’s flown by in a blur. There are only 5 months left in the year. How are you going to spend them? I have big plans for the rest of this year. You’ll find out more after the summer- it’s so exciting! If you only […]

Every time I work out, I’m reminded of this.

A reminder for you on this happy Monday. COMPARISON IS THE THIEF OF JOY. Life, to me, is like going to the gym. You can either compare yourself to the person who used that machine before you, and say to yourself, as you lower the weight to a level you are comfortable with, ‘Wow, I […]

‘I’m a failure.’

‘I’M SURE YOU THINK I’M A FAILURE.’ This is what my client said to me recently in our live coaching session. We were in his beautiful office, drinking gorgeously prepared coffee, and he looked so ashamed. ‘I’m sure you think I’m the worst manager in the world, to get to this position so high up […]


Remember that time that you saw column C3 and got goosebumps?Me neither. Numbers don’t tell stories.People do. So often people rely on numbers to tell the story for them.They think that sharing statistics, data points, or numbers can do all the heavy lifting when it comes to connecting with your audience.Nope. If you are trying […]