I ask myself this question all the time. It helps.

Hey, When I find myself in a challenging situation, I ask myself a very simple question.But before I get to what that question is, let me give you an example of when I’ve found myself asking it. I don’t know how to read a map. I have absolutely zero sense of direction. I hate getting […]

Just in case you forgot…remember this.

Hey! There is always going to be someone richer than you.There is always going to be someone smarter than you.Thinner than you.Fitter than you.Younger and hotter than you.Living in a bigger house.Driving a better car.There is always going to be someone with more friends, orgasms, and flatscreens than you’ll ever have.Lots more.Always. But none of […]

Ready to learn, Ted Lasso style?

Hi,  You might be wondering what Ted Lasso has to do with learning English.Well, as you know, I love (LOVE!) having fun. And coaching.  (And Ted Lasso and Coach Beard love coaching too.) I also love having my clients feel safe, take risks, and enjoy the learning journey, every step of the way, even when […]


Hi there, I am now looking back at The Launch I Worked Towards for 3 Years. In 2019, on Bali I started sketching ideas about how to make my business scalable and serve (many, many) others as an English coach.  Those ideas started in a small notebook.  Then they became outlines, modules, frameworks, on my […]


DO NORMAL! But what is that, actually?Hello from Brabant, where I live.Hello from Brabant, where we now have Carnaval. When I first came to the Netherlands, I had no idea that Carnaval was celebrated here. I heard about it after a few months of living here, and I got very excited – ‘I can’t wait to […]

She was shocked when this happened.

Her voice was shaking.  “I have no idea why he reacted that way. He seemed really upset! I feel so stupid. No idea what I did to make him seem so angry.”“I’m curious…what did you say to him?”“You’re wrong.” “Oh….I see.”*****This is a quote from one of my recent coaching sessions. My client is a Dutch executive. Which […]

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Communication Nation app

Hi! I might have some shocking news for you.You might communicate in English all the time.Maybe every day.But….are you also getting feedback every day? Has anyone ever told you that you’re leaning too much on the same old words, again and again?Or that if you had switched the adjective, it would have made your copy […]

If you like it then you should put a frame on it.

Hi, and a very happy Monday to you!  IF YOU LIKE IT THEN YOU SHOULD PUT A FRAME ON IT.  What?This is all about…framing.This is something that native speakers do so naturally, but non-natives have to work hard (and often read between the lines) to learn how to do this. And guess what? This important […]

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Buffi Duberman Communication Nation Webinar

Scenes from my inbox: ‘Buffi, I keep translating everything into English but I don’t think it really sounds great. Can you help?’ ‘I really want to make a dazzling pitch to get investors on board – but how do I do that in English?’ ‘I was asked to write a professional recommendation – I said no because […]

This picture is worth 10,000 clients.

Buffi Duberman Communication Nation Learning Journey

Happy Monday!  They say a picture is worth a thousand words.This picture is worth 10,000 clients (or more)! It took me a very long time to create a visual image for how I work.My coaching approach. How people learn with me.How, no matter what skill you want to work on, this is how we develop […]