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Better English communication creates a mindset of confidence and clarity, so that you can add true value to the world, both personally and professionally.

Have you ever...

I get it. This is what my clients struggled with too.

Until we started working together.

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Hi, I'm Buffi.

I’ve been on this incredible journey since 1990, helping individuals like you to confidently share their passion, expertise, and business with the world.  

As a personal and corporate English Communication Coach, my mission is to empower you to ditch the embarrassment and truly feel like your authentic self when engaging in professional communication in English.

+30 years experience as a personal and corporate English Communication Coach, the first in her industry.

Coached over 10,000 people since 1990.  Coach to CEOs in 7 different countries. 20% of her clients are native English speakers.

Done over 15 TV shows as an English coach or consultant, has worked on 100+ albums, 10 films, and written 4 books.

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What's on the inside?

I have 8 complete courses waiting for you. After our kickoff in the Welcome Home course, you can meet me in the Business Brownstone to level up in your next meeting, or join me in the Vocabulary Valley to help you expand your Word Wardrobe, or let’s have some coffee in the Mindset Mansion to really work on kicking that impostor syndrome to the curb. (You can also hang out in the Presentation Playground, dig deep in the Writing Well, feel fabulous in my Pronunciation Paradise, or build a strong foundation in my Grammar Gateway!)

But wait – there’s more! Check the slideshow to see what’s on the inside!

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Communication Nation is a confidence catapult.

And guess what.. it's also an app!


Let's go from awkward to awesome in English!

Then this is the program for you!


We have members from 12 countries and they all support each other, ask questions, and check in with the English Coach in our lively Forum. 

This is what it’s like:


Knowing that you can ask an English coach anything about what you are learning makes such a difference. You are not alone! 

Here are some examples of what that coaching feels like:


Learning in a fun way, practicing with other members, and checking in with an English coach means you get results fast and love the learning journey along the way. 

This is what our members say about what they have achieved after just 6 weeks of learning with Communication Nation:

Communication Nation is for you if you...

Communication Nation is not for you if you...


Communication Nation is the world’s first hybrid English communication confidence membership program. It’s a combination of courses, workbooks, exclusive live events, quizzes, and online coaching, with fabulous members, creating an active, motivated community. It’s your new home for everything you need to improve your English skills, shift your mindset, interact with others (including native speakers!), and get feedback and coaching.

We have 3 different ways to experience CN, so there’s something for everyone. The Free Trial gives you access to 3 lessons, quizzes, and workbooks, so that you can experience the CN method. There is no obligation, and it’s a great way to test the CN waters before you dive in.

The Starter Series gives you access to 40+ lessons for 10 weeks, and it’s 8 weeks of guided learning with a weekly mail & assignment from me. You’ll have access to lessons that will help you improve your grammar, pronunciation, writing, and vocabulary development. This is a great way to really start your learning journey without a membership. Access to the lessons is for 10 weeks.

The Full Program has 2 options – either 6 months or 12. If you go for 12 months, it’s the same price as 8 months, which means you get 4 months for free!  These memberships allow you to unlock the whole treasure trove – the courses, video lessons, audio files, transcripts, quizzes, a monthly online coaching session with me, a BINGO card (oh, yes, bingo, baby!), daily interaction with members and English coaches in the forum, networking opportunities, and the complete Communication Nation app. As a Full Program member, you’ll also get new lessons, quizzes, study calendars, and challenges every month. Your membership will automatically renew, but we will notify you 8 weeks beforehand. The price you pay upon joining is locked in for every time you renew, even if the price goes up in the future.

We have 7 complete courses waiting for you on the inside! They are all made up of different video lessons, and are built up in a logical way, from start to finish, or from less challenging to more challenging, depending on the course. 

Every lesson has its own transcript, workbook, and audio file, so you can not only activate what you are learning, but read the lessons as text, and listen to the lessons as podcasts if you’re on the go! The workbooks are full of exercises (with answers) to help you immediately activate what you are learning, but every workbook has reflection questions to help you learn more about yourself as a person. 

Grammar Gateway is all about understanding the WHY behind the WHAT and helping you FINALLY understand grammar so that you can build a good foundation and eliminate your mistakes. 

Presentation Playground will help you put the ‘present’ back into your presentations. You’ll learn all about how to structure your talk, honor your audience, and present for maximum impact. 

Vocabulary Valley will stop you from using the same words over and over again. Here at Communication Nation, we love variety! I’ll also help you develop a fantastic Word Wardrobe with plenty of choices and show you how to triple your vocabulary! 

Writing Well – this is the place to be to get your writing skills from just ‘functional’ to really professional. You’ll find lots of useful phrases and templates, and soon you’ll be able to press the ‘send’ button with confidence! 

Pronunciation Paradise – this is where your mouth goes on vacation and comes back with new confidence, speaking with more confidence and sounding more natural in English. Ready to rock those tongue twisters, mute that D, and buzz that voiced TH? I got you! 

Business Brownstone – ready to negotiate, network, or chair meetings like a boss? Yes you are! This is your seat at the boardroom table, full of useful phrases, templates, and more! 

Mindset Mansion – this is where we work on the mindset of confidence and clarity to help you truly feel confident and relaxed when it comes to communication. Remember, the way you talk to the world starts with how you talk to yourself. I’ve got so many concrete tips waiting for you in the Mansion, and they will help you navigate through life, not just English! 

We also have a lot of quizzes to help you test your knowledge on vocabulary and grammar. You see your score at the end and can repeat them anytime. It’s a great way to get to the next level and to make sure your progress is maintained! (My mom got 70% on a quiz. Can you beat her score?) 

You can join at any time, and your membership will be automatically renewed. We will notify you 8 weeks in advance.

An annual membership will always mean you get the lowest price per month and is a more cost-effective option than 2x a 6-month membership.

The Free Trial is….free!


The Starter Series is € 197 excl. VAT (€ 238,37 incl. VAT), and is an 8-week guided program, with course access for 10 weeks. This membership is temporary  and therefore, it will not be renewed. The Starter Series can only be paid in 1 installment.


The Full Program is € 597 excl. VAT (€ 722,37 incl. VAT) for 6 months, or € 797 excl. VAT (€ 964,37 incl. VAT) for a full year’s membership. This means if you join for 12 months, you only pay for 8 – 4 months free! 

The price you pay when you join is LOCKED IN for the rest of your membership. It will never increase, no matter how many lessons or features we release.

You can pay the Full Program in either 1 or two terms – choose whichever option works best for you!

We offer a 100% money-back guarantee on all our courses, so you have nothing to lose.

You can pay with iDEAL, Bancontact or credit card. Unfortunately, our payment system for Communication Nation does not support PayPal and Apple Pay as it’s a recurring payment.

YES! The price you lock in during the launch will CONTINUE to be your price forever. It will never be increased, even when we launch new lessons, features, and courses!

Yup! If you join and do not like our program, please let us know within 14 days of signing up. We will give you 100% of your money back, no questions asked. We want Communication Nation to be for those who are truly motivated and love the program. If it’s not for you, we will end your membership without any issue if you let us know within two weeks of registering.

Yes. We will send you a mail ahead of time to let you know that your membership will soon be renewed, and offer you the opportunity to end your membership if you would like to move out of our fine Nation.

I’m afraid not. That price is locked in for you as long as you are a member. However, if you decide to end your membership and then become a member later, you will pay the new price, which will be higher.

If your boss is smart, they will realize that the better you communicate, the better it is for the WHOLE company! Communication Nation is definitely worth using your training budget for, as everything you need to level up in all your (Business) English skills is right there in 1 place!

If you purchase the Starter Series, it’s a one-time payment, and paid in 1 installment. 


If you purchase the Full Program, you can pay in either 1 or 2 terms. 

For one term, you will be billed once every 6 months if you have a 6 month membership, and once a year if you have an annual membership. We will send you an email a few weeks before your membership renews as a reminder that it’s coming up.

If you choose to pay in 2 terms, you will be billed once every 3 months for a 6-month membership, and once every 6 months for a 12-month membership.

Research has shown that it takes 180 days to learn a new habit, while also ‘unlearning’ old habits. Communication Nation will help you eliminate many of your old habits when it comes to communicating, and our Mindset Mansion lessons will help you create a mindset of clarity and confidence. These things take time.

Yes! This is actually an excellent time to work on your English communication skills, because when you need them in the future, they will be practised, polished, and ready to rock!

Remember, careers, opportunities, and goals change all the time – you might not be using English much now, but a new opportunity could be right around the corner – you want to be ready for that when it happens!

We sure do! This can also be combined with live or online training days. We offer corporate discounts starting at just 10 accounts – click HERE to let us know, and we will get back to you with a fabulous offer!

Yes! New courses, lessons, and features are released every month, throughout the year, and every year. These will be announced in the Nation News part of the app and website,  and in our member newsletter. The longer you stay, the more you learn!

Communication Nation is not for absolute beginners, as everything is in English without any other support language. However, the lessons are built up in a logical way, they are all subtitled in English, and you can watch the videos, listen to the audio files, read the transcripts, and do the workbooks and quizzes, so you can learn at your own pace, and in your own way. That’s the beauty of Communication Nation – you learn in the way that works for you. 

Yes! 20% of my clients are native speakers and they have found such incredible value and concrete results through my coaching. If you’d like to discover new storytelling angles, ways to structure your presentation for maximum impact, and find out more about the mindset of confidence and clarity, I welcome you to join! You can always cancel within 2 weeks of joining and get 100% of your investment back, no questions asked.

Hella no. This is the place to be, darling. 

We are happy to help! Just mail my

Would you like Communication Nation for your colleagues? This can also be combined with live or online training days. We offer corporate discounts starting at just 10 accounts – click HERE to let us know, and we will get back to you with a fabulous offer!

Any questions? Please contact Karin at