Have you ever….

  • doubted yourself in English?
  • wished that your clients could hear you in your own language?
  • felt that your English was holding you back?
  • delegated tasks to others because their English was better?
  • wondered how you really come across as a professional in English, because no one has ever told you?
  • wished you could stop the procrastination, perfection, and stress, and just focus on getting your work done?
  • wanted a coach, a cheerleader, and a sparring partner to help you get to the next level?

I get it.

And I got you.

That’s why I created Communication Nation!

Communication Nation is the world’s first hybrid, omnichannel, Business English membership program.

It’s coaching.

It’s community.

It’s confidence.

I have spent 3 years working on it and I’m so excited to share it with you!


What’s on the inside?

I have 7 complete courses waiting for you. You can meet me in the Business Brownstone to level up in your next meeting, or join me in the Vocabulary Valley to help you expand your Word Wardrobe, or let’s have some coffee in the Mindset Mansion to really work on kicking that impostor syndrome to the curb. (You can also hang out in the Presentation Playground, dig deep in the Writing Well, feel fabulous in my Pronunciation Paradise, or build a strong foundation in my Grammar Gateway!)


But wait – there’s more!

90 video lessons (to start with, more lessons will be released on a regular basis)

every lesson has its own interactive workbook with exercises and reflection questions so you can immediately apply the theory and grow both professionally and personally

180 transcripts and audio files so you can read and listen to everything you are learning

30 quizzes to activate your knowledge

monthly online sessions with yours truly

daily chat in the forum with an English coach

several live events every year to practice with native speakers and meet the members

a lively community full of motivated people who, just like you, want to improve their communication skills and have fun while doing so

Communication Nation is a confidence catapult. And guess what? It’s also an app.

Communication Nation is different than anything else in the world for several reasons:

1. It’s for members only.

2. You can only join during Launch Week which is only for…a week. There are only 3 Launch Weeks a year, so don’t hesitate to sign up, or else you’ll have to wait several months!

3. You can join for either 6 months or a year. Studies have shown it takes about 180 days to unlearn old habits. An annual membership is always the most economical option.

4. If you join in the first 48 hours of Launch Week, you will get a crazy discount and that will be the price you will lock in forever. No matter how many new lessons, courses, and features we release in the future, your Launch Week price will be the price you will pay forever. The Launch Week price will go up for every launch. It will never be as low as it is now.

5. The value of these courses is well over €3000. Personal coaching with me costs thousands of euros per month. The price of an annual membership will start at €379 for the first launch, and will increase with every launch, but if you join the waiting list and register in the first 48 hours of Launch Week, you can grab a €200 discount and get the whole program for just €179 a year. This discount will never come back again.

6. The doors will open in the first part of 2023.

I want to be the first - Buffi

Media requests? Corporate discounts? We say yes to both! Please contact Karin at assistant@buffiduberman.com.