Personal Coaching

Working with Me

I work privately with a selected group of clients who want all the Buffilove for themselves! My personal coaching will help you go beyond what you thought you could ever achieve. I am here to show you what is possible when you can be YOU in English.

I’m not a teacher.

There is no book that we work through, there is no time limit, and there is no exam.

It's bigger than that.

I’m a coach. I create a communication toolbox with and for you, working intensely together, online and in person, on smashing your goals, and feeling great about the learning journey that we have embarked on together.

I help people show up in the world full of confidence and clarity. They know what to say, how to say it, and (most importantly) WHY it’s the best choice. We identify the people, the platform, and the purpose, and build a Word Wardrobe together so that you can always strike the right tone.

The way you talk to yourself determines how you talk to the world. With the right guidance, support, and mentorship, coupled with my wacky sense of humor and over 30 years of expertise, you will go far and truly enjoy the process.

My tailor-made programs can include private online coaching sessions,  weekly feedback sessions, live half-day strategy sessions, and more.

Would you like a motivated and dedicated coach just for you, who is there to encourage you to smash your communication goals in English, help you develop a new Word Wardrobe, and be your biggest cheerleader when you need one? Let’s see if we’re a good match. 

Working with one of my English Trainers

I have a select group of English trainers who can help you in weekly or semi-weekly English coaching sessions. They are all native speakers with years of experience in private lessons. They work online and offer support between the sessions, so that you can always ask questions or ask feedback at any time throughout the program.

Working with an English trainer starts at €1249 excl. VAT (€ 1511,29 incl. VAT) for a 4-week program.  

What clients say

“Buffi helped me to feel so confident in English and now I am able to communicate easily all over the world. Thanks, Buffi – you’re the best!”
Dr. Freek Vonk
Biologist / TV personality
“From a British to an American accent in just two sessions. Thanx darling Buffi”
Linda de Mol
TV personality / Actress