Deep Dive and Deep Dips

Focus on meeting your goals in English in a day that’s all about YOU!

A private coaching program, designed just for you, to help you reach your goals in English!

You have something you’d really like to do better in English.

Maybe you’d like to prepare for a pitch, presentation, or TED talk that you’ve been asked to do. Perhaps you are not sure if your annual report or onboarding material strikes the right tone.  Is your slide deck clear and effective? Maybe you need to go to a conference or event and want to feel confident representing your company. Perhaps you have to give a speech at a new office you’re opening in another country. You’re not sure if your English writing skills are professional or formal (or cool!) enough. You’d like to know if you are using grammar correctly, as you sometimes doubt what is the best form to use, and this makes you nervous and insecure. You’re a bit embarrassed about your English pronunciation – your accent sometimes gets in the way. You’d like to prepare for a role (TV, film, musical, or voiceover) and really get the most out of your part. You are through to the next round in an international job interview. You’d like honest feedback on your lyrics and pronunciation to sing and write with confidence.  You need to interview someone, and want to sound natural and confident by enhancing your media skills. (All of these goals are actual goals from my Deep Dive clients. After Deep Diving with me, Judith got the international job she was hoping for, Jeroen aced his interview with his new French boss and got more responsibility at work, Sikko opened a new office in South Africa, Jan-Willem got over his fear of English, Jolanda gave her first presentation in English, and more…) Getting an expert, outside opinion and working privately and intensely in a 5-hour session is an extremely effective way to reach your personal learning goals in English!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to turn off your phone, work in an inspiring setting, and have 100% of Buffilove focused only on you and your goals in English?


To be honest about what’s holding you back with a personal, enthusiastic coach with over 30 years of experience?


To get detailed notes from the session about your strengths and weaknesses and know exactly what to do to take the next step?


To go home at the end of a full, intense day (which always flies by!) or series of days, and be surprised at how much you learned in such a short time?

About me

I left a safe, well-paid job to follow my dreams and that was to be the first Personal English Coach of the Netherlands, something that no one had heard of in 2001. Now fast forward, and I’m the Personal English coach to celebrities, politicians, CEOs and top managers. Some of my private coaching clients include, among others, Freek Vonk, Linda de Mol, and Jandino Asporaat. I’m also the private coach to Ineke Kooistra, the CEO of YoungCapital, and Merijn Everaarts, the founder and CEO of Dopper.  I so love working intensely with my private clients on helping them feel more empowered in English, no matter what their goals are.  I only see one client a day in a Deep Dive, and nothing else exists except you, me, and food (we can never forget the food. Or the coffee!) . I help you shape and share your story, look critically at your written work or visuals, and together we get down and dirty on raising the bar on your English skill level. After 5 hours, you’re exhausted, fulfilled and happy.

Not able to join me for a full day? No problem! We can also do a Deep Dip. This is a 3-hour session and materials and drinks/snacks are included. This is a great option when your schedule or budget does not allow for a full Deep Dive.


Interested in the VIP Package? You got it! My VIP Deep Dive Package includes 2 Deep Dives, lifetime access to my Business English Communication Course, and 4 private Zoom sessions. This is an excellent way to get long-term coaching on not just smashing your goals, but maintaining your progress and extending your communication skill set even further! The results are truly stellar.

Our day together

Your Deep Dive will focus only on your specific goals in English. If you are not sure what to work on, or can’t decide, I’m happy to think along with you. In the morning session, we work together on analyzing and refining your goals, and developing the communication strategies needed for that.

I take detailed notes throughout the day on how to help you, adding alternative vocabulary choices where needed so that you have a variety of phrases to use for the English situations you find yourself in. I also make a ‘danger zone’ list of mistakes you’d like to eliminate, for future reference. We then take a walk outside to clear our heads (yours will be full of English words!) and I treat you to a lovely lunch anywhere you like (hello, Paris!).

In the afternoon we have a summary and a recap before going further in taking your communication skills to the next level. We end the session with you activating your notes so that you know exactly what we covered and what the next step should be.


I come to your office or studio, or rent an inspiring coaching room near you or in another city. I also take you out for lunch at the place of your choosing (I’m a member of Soho House Global, they have an excellent lunch there, and very happy to treat you there if it’s convenient).

Group Size: 2. You and me.

Time: A Deep Dive is a private, 5-hour session, with a lunch/snack break included. A Deep Dip is a private, 3-hours session.

Weekends and evenings are possible upon mutual agreement.


Materials: Every Diver receives a free copy of Work It, my e-book, and tailor-made worksheets when applicable. My other books, online courses or masterclasses can be offered (at a discount!) in combination with your Deep Dive if we feel they are appropriate to help you meet your training goals. This will be determined in our call after you have filled in your intake form.

Investment: A Deep Dive starts at €1750, a Deep Dip starts at €900, and the VIP Package starts at €3499. This fee includes a personal intake, materials, coaching notes, meals, drinks and snacks, but excludes tax and travel costs.

How it works: After filling in your intake form, I will contact you to discuss the details and then we get diving!

YES! My English needs some Buffilove!

What clients say (without a bribe)

Buffi helped me to feel so confident in English and now I am able to communicate easily all over the world. Thanks, Buffi – you’re the best!”

Dr. Freek Vonk

Biologist/ TV personality

“Buffi and I worked together for a Deep Dive. She is such an inspiring and happy person and undoubtedly the best in her field. I had a great session with her and am looking forward to working with her again soon! And she comes highly recommended. Book this lady because she IS fabulous!”

Barnier Geerling

CEO and Founder I Am Studios

“And a deep dive it is: we had fun, worked seriously on my pronunciation (prunauncieeesjiun, still hearing Buffi’s voice telling me how to say this properly), and learned the typical English expressions I can use in my speeches. Gained so much confidence in using English in a professional way. Looking forward to the next deep dive.” 

Helma Lieberwerth

CEO and founder of Quaning

Buffi in 4 words: sparkling, creative, professional, and fun. Buffi helped me achieve a good level in business English. Her enthusiasm, professional attitude and creativity are very inspiring. Also she had a good understanding about my business, including my work as an journalist  for radio and television, but also as a moderator for large event. Buffi is one of a kind and a joy to work with.

Diana Matroos

Journalist, moderator and host of Buitenhof and BNR Nieuwsradio

“What a great voice-coach and quite frankly wonderful woman Buffi is! I Love Buffi! She is one of those teachers you wish you had in high school: funny, witty and super duper critical on your pronunciation, but in a good way! All to help you grow your ability to speak amazing English. We had a great session. You immediately feel at home with her, Its a bit like reconnecting with an old friend, but one who is just really serious about your language! 😉 Buffi lets you fall in love with your English all over again! Highly recommended!”

Jakob Krabbé

Allround Voice-Over Professional

It’s great to work with Buffi intensively for a day like this. Tailor-made pure sang. Discussing strategies together that can make sure that you improve your English every day, in a simple way is super helpful. I picked it up right away and I’m over a barrier again. Professional and inspiring: I can recommend it to everyone!

Suzanne Laszlo-Serrarens

Director, UNICEF Netherlands

 This is what happened after a Deep Dive

  • Linda enhanced her American accent for her newest film role and was able to interact naturally and confidently with American actors and producers, both on and off screen
  • Maarten took his onboarding documents to the next level by incorporating a more formal and professional English style that truly reflected the nature of his business
  • Sieger perfected his English pronunciation, timing, and flow to take on more international voiceovers in foreign markets
  • Liesbeth picked up substantial investments in her pitching round for her new financial app after incorporating more storytelling into her pitches
  • Janneke rocked her TedXAmsterdamWomen talk and enjoyed every minute of being on stage and is now a sought-after global speaker
  • Sikko was able to deliver a high-level presentation while opening a new office in South Africa with humor and confidence
  • Judith was so prepared for her job interview at the International School that they hired her on the spot
  • Jan-Willem got over his fear of speaking English (and has not stopped talking ever since!)

Not sure if a Deep Dive is for you?

A  DEEP DIVE is for you if:


You would like one day or several days devoted only to you and your learning needs in English


You don’t work well in a group


You are willing to invest in your personal and professional growth


You work best in a private, quiet environment


You are unable to learn on a weekly basis


You do not have a lot of time to invest in your learning journey and want to use your limited time as efficiently as possible

A DEEP DIVE is NOT for you if:


You are unable to invest in your own personal or professional growth


You have no desire to get outside your comfort zone


You are satisfied with the English communication skills you currently have

OH YES! I’m ready to take the plunge!


How do I start?

You can start right away by filling in this VIP Deep Dive  intake form. I will contact you within 1 week of receiving your completed intake form to set up a follow up phone call.

How do I pay?

All Deep Dives are confirmed upon payment and you will receive an invoice once the date(s) have been confirmed.

How do I get my notes from the session?

These are sent to you at the end of the session and you are not allowed to leave the room until you can check that you have received them. 🙂

Where do the sessions take place?

At your home, office, or studio, or in a private coaching room that I can rent for the day.

Why is a Deep Dive session only 5 hours per day?

Because your brain will become full of English words and phrases. Based on experience, after 5 hours of intense communication and feedback absorption, you have reached saturation point- it’s very challenging to concentrate or take on new information after this time frame. The session can also end earlier at your request.

Do we speak English during lunch?


I booked a date but I can’t make it. Can I get a refund?

Unfortunately I cannot give refunds, but I am happy to work with someone you have found to take your place for that day and location. 

I’d like to work on material that needs to be kept private. Is this possible?

Yes. I am a vault, and am happy to sign a NDA if needed.

Are weekends, evenings, or half days possible?

Yes! A Deep Dip is 3 hours long, and weekends and evenings are possible upon mutual agreement! If our calendars say ‘yes’, then we start diving!

Do I get a selfie at the end?

Yes, if I am having a Good Hair Day.

What is the VIP Deep Dive Package Deal?

This is a long-term coaching package, where I work with you in 2 Deep Dives, usually 4-8 weeks apart, and we have private Zoom sessions in between the sessions to supplement and extend your learning. You will also get lifetime access to my Business English Communication Course, which will help you learn even more about professional communication in English. The material you learn in the online program can be activated with challenges and feedback in our coaching sessions.

You can also book in multiple VIP Package Deals to keep you active and challenged throughout the whole year!

YES! I’m ready! Let’s get diving!

“He who would search for pearls must dive below.”

John Dryden