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I am so committed to helping you feel fantastic in English that I’ve made some cool shizzle to help you do just that, for free! Click on any or all of them to improve your communication skills and get more confident in English!

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Business Grammar Masterclass

Understanding the WHY behind the WHAT. I explain the present, the past and the future tenses in detail, helping you build a strong grammatical foundation. You can download the slides and keep the worksheet and answer page to continue learning on your own!

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10 Top Tips on How to Rock Your Next Talk!

As the Personal English Coach to global gamechangers and a senior TedXAmsWomen speaker coach, I am so excited to share my top tips on how to prepare with ease, deal with nerves, OWN that stage and create a message with meaning and impact!

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15 Cool Buzzwords to Keep Your English Fresh and Fabulous

Spice up your English vocabulary with these hot and hip new phrases which will make your English just as cool as you are! Definitions and example sentences included.

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Telephone Cheat Sheet

Make and receive calls with confidence, even if you have the wrong number! Even if you use the phone every day, you will still find new varieties in phone communication phrases!

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Pronunciation Masterclass

Rock that mouth and learn how to make the most challenging sounds in English, practice tongue twisters, and master the most difficult words so you can speak with confidence! You can download the slides and keep the worksheet to continue learning!

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