3 tips to sound more natural….


What do native speakers do in English that non-native speakers have to learn? And are often not taught? I’m going to go through 3 of them right here.

1:  LINKING:  Native speakers almost never speak word for word.  We speak in phrases. We link the ending of one word with the start of the next word, especially if they share the same letter. For example, ‘stop pulling Grace’s scarf’ would most likely sound like ‘stopullingracescarf’ if a native speaker were to say it. A native speaker would do that naturally and with ease, but a non-native might separate the words as they are focusing on saying each one clearly and naturally.

2:  MUTING: Native speakers often mute the D and the T at the end of a word. For example, a native speaker would say ‘She didn’(t) go to the party las(t)night’. Both the T in ‘didn’t’ and the T in ‘last’ would most likely be muted, and the G in ‘go’ and the N in ‘night’ are pronounced.

3: SILENCE IS GOLDEN: Native speakers know where the silent letters are in words. For example, you say the B in ‘debit’ but you don’t say the B in ‘debt’. Crazy, right?  Why is the H silent for ‘honor’ and ‘hour’ and ‘honest’, but not silent in ‘help’ and ‘hungry’? And what about ‘psychologist’ and ‘psychic’? Those are tricky too. But help is on the way!

These tips are just 3 of the nearly 100 tips and tricks that you will learn, activate, and apply in my new pronunciation course, Rock That Mouth. I’ve spent 3 years putting all my pro tips and tricks from my over 30 years of experience as a personal English coach in this program. I’ve got 24 lesson modules and 24 workbooks waiting for you. That’s over 4 hours of material and 250 pages of worksheets to keep you busy and active, all full of my (com) passion and expertise, coupled with my signature humor. (Yes, we do have some pretty lame jokes in there, plus a werewolf, and maybe 2 naughty jokes. To start.)

There are 3 membership levels, and you can join for just €179. Lifetime access is €299 and VIP members get lifetime access AND a personal feedback session with me for just €399 euros. There are only 12 VIP spots available, so don’t wait to grab your spot!

Waiting list members can start the program this Wednesday! On May 23, doors are open to everyone else, and the Rock That Mouth doors will close just a few days later for at least 4 months. If you’re interested in getting feedback on your own English in a personal coaching session, do join the waiting list, as there are only 12 coaching spots available!

Now it’s your time to get confident in English!
Are you ready to join me on a learning journey and speak more naturally?
I say….
Let’s Rock!

See you on the inside!
Love, Buffi

PS: Feel free to share this with someone you love (or just like) who needs a confidence boost in English!

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