8 Colourful Business Words You Should Be Using! Right Now!

Let’s talk about bringing some color into your English.
In today’s world, people’s attention span is decimated. There are so many things out there competing for our immediate attention. Scroll through any social media platform and you’ll be exposed to everything from Kim Kardashian in a fur bikini to why our eyebrows evolved. There are uncountable (I mean, you can count them, but who has that kind of time?) exciting, scary, interesting things out there, and if your communication skills are boring, you’re just not keeping up.

So let’s bring some color into your (Business) English right now. I know you know the words ‘increase’ and ‘decrease’. But you can do better. Let’s try some of these alternatives:



All of these words add a strong visual in the minds of the people you’re speaking to. It sounds so much cooler to say ‘Our sales skyrocketed this quarter’ instead of ‘Our sales increased this quarter’. You need to get your English interesting in order to have an impact.

And no, my dear, I’m not going to tell you what the words above mean. You can use this website and figure it out for yourself (or download their free app – it’s fantastic!).

Why not write a sentence with 2 (or hey, YOLO- go for 4!) words in it right now? This will get you active and jumpstart your Colorful English Engine!

I hope now your English vocabulary level has expanded with this boost! Now your knowledge is becoming maximised, which will result in an upgraded intensification of your communicative skills. (And yes, I see what I did there!)

Stay colorful today!

XX Buffi

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