How to make numbers sexy….this might surprise you!

I love Mondays!
Remember, Mondays don’t suck.
If you hate Mondays, this means your job might suck. :)I love what I do!
And last week I launched my new Personal Coaching Program, Powerful Podcasts, Better Blogs and Valuable Vlogs (which basically is 4 weeks of coaching and includes 4 feedback sessions and a private coaching session for just €795 – (do let me know if you’re interested!). Several people joined me on the first day and I’ve loved the development I’ve seen in just the first week!

One thing came out of a coaching session and I’d like to share that with you today. And that is….drumroll please….How To Make Numbers Sexy.

My client works with data, statistics, numbers, etc and he wanted to make these numbers ‘come alive’ in order to inspire and motivate people who were following him on his social media. He was stuck, because numbers were just…..well….numbers. To him.

But not anymore.

You see, every number has a story to tell.
And it’s your job to uncover that and share it with the world.
The way I see it, every number is the RESULT of a chain of decision-making, events, or actions. If you highlight what CAUSED those numbers to get born, you create a story around those numbers. People love storytelling and often remember that more than the statistics themselves.

So the next time you have to talk about mortgages, think about the feeling of investing in your family’s future. Want to make insurance sexy? Tell me a story of treasuring something of value.

Numbers are just the tip of the iceberg.
This is what we can see.
But what we CAN’T see is how those numbers got born.
And that’s the cool part!

That’s where the GOLD is.
And it’s worth digging for!

I hope this helps you find the gold in your story!
I, myself, am just a miner with a heart of gold.

Enjoy your week!


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