Are you tired of your own story? He was.

Are you tired of your own story? My client was.
He has been in the media a lot lately – on every major talk show and featured in several high-circulation print media as well as several radio interviews. His story is interesting, inspiring, and fascinating.

But not to him. Not anymore.

I asked him why.

He told me it was because he was so sick of hearing his own voice and saying the same old story over and over again. I got it. That would be so boring to me, too, if I had to say the same thing over and over again.

I told him a little story to put things in perspective. I knew he was a fan of New York. I asked him to imagine flying to NYC with his girlfriend for a long weekend and finally getting tickets to that amazing exhibit at the Guggenheim that he had heard so much about. Standing on line, waiting to get in, and signing up for an exclusive private tour through the gallery he was so excited to see. What would happen if the tour guide turned up and said “You know what, guys? I’ve given this tour 3 times already today. I’m done; it’s getting old. Bye!”

“Wait, what?!” you might say. “I’ve waited so long to see this! And you were the perfect one to tell me about it! And now you’re going home because you’ve done it too many times already!?!?”

That’s exactly what my client was doing. He was giving up and walking away from people who were so excited to hear his story. He had forgotten all about his audience and only thought of himself. He also did not have strategies in place to find fresh ways of sharing his story.

We made a mind map together on a piece of paper that covered most of the table. We wrote down the core message about each aspect of his story and different ways of sharing it, according to the platform and the target group.

I said that his story is like a crystal. If you hold it up to the light, you will see lots of different rainbow reflections shooting off of it. The crystal doesn’t change, but there are so many different angles to the same crystal, and each has a unique reflection. Your story also stays the same, but there are so many different approaches to it – more than you might realise.

So we drew and drew. And wrote down words and phrases. And talked and laughed. And after a while he looked up at me, his eyes full of life and energy, and said “I had no idea I could talk about this in so many ways! I can’t wait for my next interview!”

I can’t wait either.
His story is worth sharing, again and again.
And so is yours.

Go share it.
Shine bright like a diamond!
The world is waiting.

With love and rainbows…

X buffi

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