3 questions….

I have 3 simple questions for you. Millions of people around the world cannot say YES to even 1 of these questions.  You probably said ‘YES’ to all 3. Count your blessings. You have more than you think. What are you grateful for today?

This is my favorite word lately….

I love this word. It’s short, it’s simple, and it’s clear. My favorite word lately has been…. NO. That’s right. I love saying ‘no’. I have boundaries for breakfast. I make my NOs absolutely clear. You know why? Because my YES is always a HUGE yes. When I commit to something, I am always 1000% […]

3 ways to level up your English emails

Shocking news – English people usually don’t speak Dutch. We read text through English eyes. This is often where it goes dramatically wrong – when writing emails from a Dutch perspective, then translating it into English. Here are 3 tips to help you write like a boss. Because your business deserves the best.  ‘Thank you […]

‘Never again.’

‘Never again.’ This is what she mailed me after her presentation. ‘I can’t speak English. I’m not good at it. And there’s no way I can do a professional presentation in English. This is what I kept repeating in my head, for so many years, and I really believed it. You showed me that it […]

Change 1 word and change the game

Ever feel nervous before giving a presentation? Or get the jitters just before you walk into a job interview? Or…before you go on a rollercoaster? Or even ask the love of your life to marry you? ( I did this myself 26 years ago – we celebrate our 25-year anniversary this spring!) Well, fun fact […]

What are you feeding yourself?

Hope you’re hungry for some knowledge today! What messages are you giving yourself? What do you tell yourself….and do you believe it? ‘I can’t do this.’ ‘I suck at this.’ ‘This will never work.’ ‘I tried this before and I failed.’ They can do it so much better. So why bother?’ Does this sound familiar? […]

Welcome at…..I mean to….

So many people often confuse prepositions, as they often are so different from your own language. Here is a nifty chart that will help you avoid these common mistakes! Incorrect Correct behind my computer at my computer welcome at welcome to on the moment at the moment to my opinion in my opinion angry on […]


Hi, I’m Buffi, and I’m a 9.5 in shoes. Is this how you would introduce yourself? I hope not. It’s weird. Even if your real name is Buffi. Still weird. Why is it weird? Because (and this might shock you…) I’m not a number. And neither are you. This means I’m not 70 kilos, I’m […]

Guess what? It’s already happening.

I was working with a client recently.American.VP of a multinational.Fabulously talented.And terrified.He asked for support on his presentation skills.Through coaching, we peeled the layers off and got to the heart of what was really going on.‘I’m so afraid of what others will think of me. I don’t want to be judged.’Does this sound familiar?Well, I […]

Spice Up Your Life…

I’d like to help you spice up your life today. When was the last time you used a new idiom or expression in English? I so want you to add more color to your language, and if you’re always using the same old expressions, that’s not happening. So let’s make it happen! The next time […]