How are you feeling?

Maybe this will help. 🙂These feelings are in alphabetical order. If you don’t know the word, have a look at the face that goes with it, that might help you to understand what it means. Print this out and give it to your kids to color in. They are never too young to start on […]

This (and the Dutch election results) broke my heart

Recently I had a fabulous presentation day with my Great in 8 members. It was a wonderful day full of excitement, enthusiasm, and fabulous presentations. I’m so proud of how they shared their stories with confidence and ease. Well done, ladies! These fabulous women are all executives working in HR and L&D. And on our […]

An attitude of gratitude

This Thursday, many people in the States will gather around the table with their loved ones and celebrate Thanksgiving. Hopefully their thanks will be just as bountiful as their meals, and they will be wearing clothes with elastic waistbands. (Many zippers break during this meal… #funfact.) For me, every day holds an attitude of gratitude.It […]

How to deal with challenging words: here’s my 10-step plan!

Have you ever struggled with difficult words?You are not alone. I see this so often in my work.People are speaking, cruising along, everything is going swimmingly….….and then it happens.THE. WORD.That one difficult word that throws you off.You hesitate.You try to say the first part of it.You struggle.You take a quick breath.You finally….spit out that word.And […]

What does presentation confidence look like? This!

I just finished my Presentation Day with my Great in 8 group members.They totally rocked their stories, presenting with confidence, passion, and expertise, by applying my coaching techniques and believing in themselves. One of our members posted about it on LinkedIn: My Great in 8 program won’t start again until the spring, but I don’t […]

What will you do… when you get that call?

What will you do when you get the call? You get that call asking you…. to give an interviewto speak at an eventto be on a podcast… English. What do you do?Do you EMBRACE the chance to share your message with the world? Or do you say no, because …. you’re not sure what to […]

Caught in the act…!

Recently I designed and hosted an event for a beloved CEO client and his LT to introduce a new concept in their business. It was held in one of the most amazing locations, and it was a great honor to see people coming together to ask questions, share, and celebrate new beginnings. Here I am, […]

1000 Shades of Agree…

There are so many different ways to agree and disagree. Often you find yourself repeating the same phrases over and over again. Life’s too short to be boring! Here are some phrases that will help you express yourself more naturally and professionally. If you agree with someone: I totally agree with you…I fully / completely […]

Prime Real Estate: it’s not where you think it is…

Do you know where the best real estate is?It’s not here, on my hotel balcony in Italy. The most precious real estate is in your head. The thoughts you keep there take up space. A LOT of space. If your head is full of doubt, comparison, shame, or perfectionism, that is taking space AWAY from […]