5 Hacks to get you out of your head…

Have you ever gotten so nervous while you are talking to someone that you end up being totally in your head, talking to yourself the whole time, instead of actually talking to the audience (or other person)? It’s not uncommon to feel a bit disconnected from your body and stuck in your head during a […]

The Communication Nation doors are OPEN!

I’m just going through the wonderful comments I see in the Communication Nation forum.It’s incredible to see hundreds of people (from 12 countries!) sharing the same goal.And loving their results! Communication Nation is for members only, and doors are open only 3x a year. This is what you can learn on the inside: IN THE […]

Will you be joining me tomorrow?

I’ll keep this short because I know you’re busy.So are my clients.And so am I. That’s why I’ve condensed years of coaching into an hour of power tomorrow.My free webinar will show you how to: *Frame your message like a native speaker would*Present with true impact*Play with grammar to get the most out of your […]

Happy Liberation Day!

I always say your words shape your world.They really do. The way you show up in the world starts with how you show up for yourself. Let’s talk about one of my clients, let’s call her Inge. Inge was asked to fill in for one of her colleagues who was unexpectedly ill and had to […]

Please don’t ever say this at work….

Here are some phrases that I don’t want you to use at work, because they can shrink your message, weaken your authority, and might have you come across as less secure or professional. I hear them being used way too often and they have become so many people’s ‘go to’ phrases, which undermines their credibility. […]

I hate her.

There’s this woman I hate.And if you know me, you know that ‘hate’ is not a word I use often. But I really hate this person.She shows up at the worst times.She’s never invited.She never wants to leave. Who is this horrible stranger?Well….she’s not a stranger at all. She’s me.Buffi.But…she’s Judge Buffi. The minute I […]

It’s not your fault

Hi, It’s not your fault.Not your fault that you might not have loved English at school. Maybe your teacher didn’t love their life.Maybe your teacher didn’t love their work.Maybe you were forced to learn in one way.With one approach.One method.Because that is how it was done at your school. Maybe you didn’t get grammar because […]

The secret to success just might be in your pants. Or your socks.

I know it’s a Friday but something very cool just happened, and I wanted you to know. I have a really concrete, mind-blowing tip to share with you. My client came into my office with the biggest smile on her face.For the first time in her life, she felt great about speaking in public. For […]