Because I’m fancy that way….


I am deeply privileged to have a global membership at a private members only club. I was working in Berlin last week – I loved working at the club, with the swimming pool on the roof, excellent food, wonderful clients, deep thought, good coffee, lots of writing, etc etc.

I went to the private locker room in the exclusive gym (because it takes a lot of carbs and wine to get this body) and was delighted to see a private juice bar in gorgeous colors! So innovative! And just for me! Of course I had to try the blue juice, as it must be some new Brazilian super berry that I need and I need it NOW.

I take a sip.
I spit it out.
I cry.

It was aftershave.

I’m not that fancy I guess.
At least I tried.
What’s your best fail today?
I can’t wait for my next one!

Buffi the Barbarian

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