Buffi Blog – April 2011

APRIL has brought showers. Showers of AWESOMENESS!!!

I went to Berlin for orientation on the possiblities of Rocking the English in Germany. No one does that there, at least not in the way that I do, and I’m very happy to say that from June, I’ll be the Visiting Lecturer at the  Berlin University of Applied Sciences, Music Department! I’ll be going over every few weeks, doing Master Classes on English, Songwriting, and Media Skills. Very happy about this, and just when I thought I couldn’t be happier, I was granted an audience with the head of A&R at Univeral in Berlin, and I’ll also be coaching German artists and co-writing as well. My education heart is thrilled, my coach heart is delighted, it’s all good in Buffiland. We’re also workng on the German edition of my book. Uberexciting! (No idea how to make an umlaut, sorry.)

I had an interview on 3fm about Muzikantendag with DJ Sander Guis, I met him there a week later, and he is just as sweet as he sounds! The workshop for Muzikantendag Utrecht was lots of fun, and I’ll be doing the other ones for Muzikantendag later this year. People worked very hard and had some excellent questions. I also hugged Case Mayfield, whose talent is boundless and his attitude is beautifully inspiring.

Now I’m working on the new Wouter Hamel album, doing Media Training for an emerging artist, developing plans for 2012 with my awesome new manager, and prepping promo tours for Belgium and Norway. Oh, I translated the song ‘Afscheid’ for Xander de B. I also finished my coaching for the great new band Dudettes from Groningen. Ch-ch-check them out! Solid songs in a fun(ky) rock package. Those girls blow me away every time!

I also went to the showcase of Yasmin at the Sugar Factory, she’s incredible, do check her out!

I got a wonderful quote from Sharon and Robert of Within Temptation. It was so funny, I was in Berlin gazing at a huge wall full of Within Temptation posters, feeling so proud of them, and all that they’ve accomplished, and at that moment, I got an sms from Sharon that her beautiful baby boy, Logan, was born! So happy for her and her lovely family. I have the best clients in the world. (I’d love them even if they didn’t give me such a sweet quote!)

Sharon den Adel: ‘Buffi really helps us a lot. Acutally, you saved our butt, and therefore, from now on, we will call you ‘Saint Buffi, protector of words in sound.’

I think that’s all for now. It’s far from everything, but I don’t want to bore anyone. I really want to update this site more often, but I have no time. I tried to set a dinner date with a very close friend and my next night off is in the 3rd week of June. It’s Friday night, and I’m blogging. But hey, it’s only Rock (Your English!) and Roll but I LOVE IT. No complaints from yours truly! Check out my guest blog on EHPO.net, coming soon! Thanks for reading, and let’s keep in touch on twitte(@rockyourenglish) and Facebook!

x buffi

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