Buffi Blog – Fall 2010

Finished lyrics coaching for new Within Temptation album click here for more…finished lyrics coaching for new Racoon album click here for more…did tons of media and interview training for Caro Emerald and her producers click here for more…was a guest, together with Caro, on the Peter Live TV show in Belgium, talking about media training and how Flemish sounds like melted Dutch click here for more…continued to teach the Welsh Dutch at MTV…did editing and proofreading for …,staat amsterdam click here for more…wrote new materials for Albeda College in Rotterdam…prepped my book Rock Your English! to go to Norway.

..translated the biography for Wouter Hamel and wrote press releases for his new DVD…got dazzled and distracted by my students at the Design Academy Eindhoven every week …rocked the English of the Rockademics at the Rock Academy every week…subtitled the new Wouter Hamel DVD click here for more…met with my publishers and my new educational research team in preparation for my NEW BOOK (oooh, it’s so exciting!)…trained Xander de Bouisonje for the title track of the new Disney theme song (it was his first official song in English and he NAILED it! )

…did Rock Your English! master classes in Amsterdam, Nijmegen, Oosterhout, and lots of other cities but I suck at remembering names AND geography…volunteered my services for 3fm Serious Request and raised money for a good cause…sat on the couch for 2 days in really old velour sweatpants that made me look like I was in the Kelly Family. Exhaled. WINTER (so far):
Translated the biography for the amazing Dazzled Kid, check his shizzle out! …subtitled the DVD for Joast…I’m a featured speaker at the BNO (Dutch Design Organization) Talks 2011, and this year the theme is Design and Music – see you there ! (see below)

Prepping for Berlin (more on that later!)…welcomed the Norwegian edition of Rock Your English! and cried…went to the Noorderslag/Eurosonic Musc Conferenceand drank vodka till 8 am…active in the world’s first Facebook album, together with Bertolf, Marinus de Goederen, Peter Slager, Ilse de Lange and many others..writing and grading final exams for the 300 students I see every week…looking for the perfect pair of orange boots… (I do this a lot, and am very good at not being successful)…coaching for the Real Band Project, which links music schools with the music industry…master classes at InHolland Haarlem….master classes in Groningen….
And that’s just JANUARY..

So, that’s all for now, folks! Time to get back to Rocking the English…hope to hear from you via Twitter or Facebook!!  (I’m getting pretty good at social notworking ;))

x buffi

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