Buffi Blog – February 2012

FEB 22 till FEB 13. Or something like that. (I suck at this, remember?)

I had lunch with Anneke van Giersbergen and asked her to marry me. She is wearing the bling I gave her as an engagement present. Let’s just say we’re picking out china together at the Bijenkorf.

I wrote another blog, this one on the 2 extreme outer ends of the lyrical spectrum, as far as I’m concerned – James Blunt vs Ray Lamontagne. I’m working on a new blog now. But that’s classified.

I’ve also been spending time in the studio coaching this lovely fella, Xander de Buisonje. His new single, ‘Life’, is coming out soon – ch ch check it out! I realize that 99% of the photos I have of me coaching artists are actually photos of me HUGGING artists. I’d like to provide you with tangible evidence that I actually do kick ass on lyrics and pronunciation. Here’s proof:


See? I am like TOTALLY kicking ass right there.

I was also on 3FM talking to the lovely Michiel Veenstra on the With Michiel show about language and lyrics. You can hear it hier.

I’m training this week at Mojo Concerts – doing a tailor made Rock Your Business English! program. What started as a course for 4 people has now turned into a course for 23 and counting. Maybe people heard us playing music and laughing A LOT and decided to join in? The more the merrier!

Thought about skating.
Didn’t. Baked brownies instead.

Thought about celebrating Carnaval.
Didn’t. Bought some great boots and bling. WHICH I WILL WEAR ALL YEAR ROUND.

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