Buffi Blog – February 2012-2

The lovely Lucky Fonz III wrote a brilliant response to my blog about  James Blunt versus Ray LaMontagne. It just shows that if you hold up the lyrical prism to the light, there’s no saying how many rainbows you can catch. Love it! Thank you Mr Lucky Fonz III. To me, you’re number 1!
I wrote a new blog about the genius that is otherwise known as Ben Folds. It’s my way of saying – Dark Days Done and Dusted. Welcome spring!

I’ve been working on some brilliant lyrics with mr a balladeer. All the brilliance is his. I just polish it from time to time, so that he can be reminded of just how very very shiny it is.

And I’ve been working on some lovely surprises coming up later this year for Within Temptation’s new tour. But that’s all off the vinyl. For now.

I did Rock Your English! workshops for the finalists of Nu of Nooit  en Gesel XL in Arnhem. I learned the hard way that Weert and Arnhem are not near each other. I will be reminded later this month that I am still not The Stig. Oh, well.

Went to Zeeland, a place I love so much, except this boat came and floated too close to my head and totally messed up my hair, which, as you know, takes HOURS.

I’ve also been pre-editing the Next Greatest Project Ever which we will launch later this spring – we’ve been our asses on it for nearly a year – and about 20 hours a week since November (on top of my normal work) and I can proudly say: 1. It’s awesome 2. No one else in Europe has done it and 3. You will laugh so much and learn a lot. We are filming again this week, another 2 days with a Mystery Artist, and then we do the animation and the graphics. Then we take over the world.

That’s all for now, folks! Oh, and today is National Compliment Day. For someone like me, that’s like saying today is National Breathe Day. (But your hair does look really good.)

Wit lof, buffi

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