Buffi Blog – November / December

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER: I spent a huge amount of time filming my new project, to be launched later this year, the Rock Your English@ Home! course – 15 lessons you can download, featuring some of Holland’s hottest artists. I’ve interviewed everyone from Within Temptation to Wouter Hamel, from Racoon to Tim Knol to Anneke van Giersbergen, etc. I’ve used their own songs as the framework of the lessons and it’s the funniest, raunchiest grammar lesson you can ever get (legally!). More on that soon.

I also did Rock Your English! workshops at Muzikantendagen in Zwolle, Nijmegen and one other place but I can’t remember. In Nijmegen, Lucky Fonz was my Personal Assistant.  Was honored that Torre from de Staat also participated in my workshop. They da bombs.

I also worked at the Hogeschool Limburg in Hasselt, Belgium, and worked with Belgian bands on their lyrics and pronunciation.
buffi-duberman.jpgThis  is from the Belgian Book fair in Antwerp, where I signed books and did a RYE workshop for people who laughed at my jokes. And I ate chocolate. (I had to support the local economy, of course.) Was a great day, also considering that my publisher also published the new, huge, gorgeous Schiffmacher encyclopedia of tattoos. Bought it there, haven’t stopped reading it.
Oh, I did the Muzikantendag in Brussels, that was fabulous. And I’m not just talking about the catering in the AB! I was featured in the Belgian newspaper de Standaard. 

I haven’t had any coffee yet and can’t think of what else I’ve done. But something tells me I’m forgetting a lot. I’m sure I am. I’m in 5 to 7 cities a week in the Netherlands, also doing projects in Germany and Belgium, I love what I do and am grateful every day that I can do it.
For more blogs I’ve written on lyrics, songwriting, and pronunciation, click here. Wish I could say ‘More Coming Soon!’ but I know me and I know it won’t happen all too soon. Let’s shoot for another one in February.

Happy new day! I’m off to make out with my boyfriend, Illy.  xxx buffi

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