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and so is haring.

Hello dear, thank you so much for letting me slip into your inbox today! I really love it here.

I truly believe in sharing and helping people as much as I can; however I can. Whether it’s a famous artist who needs an emergency press release, a first year college student struggling with grammar, or a CEO nervous about a presentation, or well…you name it. That’s why I created a couple of helpful tools to get you through some tricky situations in English. I’ve got a new Telephoning Skills Cheat Sheet to help you make and receive telephone calls with confidence. I have a free 17-minute video masterclass on English pronunciation waiting for you – watch it as often as you like, on any device you like. Both are my gifts to you, and yours to keep. Download them by clicking on “Free Masterclass” and “Free Telephone Download” on www.businessenglishcommunication.com. If you know someone who gets nervous speaking on the phone, or is worried about his or her pronunciation – pass it on! I’m sure you know someone who could use a boost. Spread the Buffilove!


I’m thrilled to say to you, as readers of my newsletter – you’re the first ones to know! I’ve got a FREE WEBINAR!  This Thursday, 23 October, at 20:30 (Dutch time), I’ll be doing a free webinar on Giving Your Opinion, Agreeing and Disagreeing in English. How can you give your opinion (or ask others for theirs) in different ways? How do you express a strong opinion, agree tentatively, or disagree strongly without hurting someone’s feelings? Chances are, if you always express your opinion, or agree or disagree with someone in the same way all the time, you are not always doing it right. There’s bound to be a moment when you should do it more formally or informally to match the situation you are in. If you don’t have enough vocabulary, communication breaks down. That’s why I’m doing this free webinar! Space is limited to the first 25 who sign up. Please sign up using this linkand we will send you all the information you need to know, and I’ll be teaching you live through your own screen very soon! I can’t wait to work with you on Thursday night

That’s really all I want to say for this week. Go out there and share the story that only you can tell. If you’re not talking to us, we are the ones missing out.

Go change your world. Word by word.

Wit lof x buffi

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