Change one word – doesn’t it sound silly now?

Let me tell you a little story, It’s one I hear all the time.
However, I’m going to take out the word ‘English’ and put in the word ‘guitar’.

Here it goes…

I love listening to guitar music. I listen to it all the time. I watch Netflix documentaries about guitars, and I can watch them without subtitles. I really enjoy reading about guitars, too. I listen to podcasts about guitars as often as I can.

And yeah, I have a guitar at home, but I never pick it up and play it, unless I’m giving a concert.

How good are you going to be as a guitarist?
You’re not.

And this is exactly what I hear about English. People call me and say ‘I can’t write a good song.’ ‘I can’t give a good presentation.’ ‘I can’t write a catchy press release.’  And I ask them ‘When are you working on activating your English? Really using it?”  And they say ‘Only when I have to write a song/ give a presentation/ write a press release.’

Use it or lose it, my friends.
You will NOT get better by yourself.

If you want a fun way to learn and improve your English, check out my new book. It’s fun and I promise you’ll get some eye-openers and lots of new insights (and some dirty jokes).

Or sign up for the Word Of The Day service at, Skype with a friend in English tonight, read an article and find 5 new words and put them into sentences of your own, speak English with your kids every night at dinner….the possibilities are endless!

Get out there and get in the game!


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