Cheerleaders never score

Sweetie. How are you on this lovely Monday? I hope your week is off to a great start. Mine sure is, because I’m spending part of it with you! Darling, I have a question for you – how much English have you actively used since my last newsletter dear? I was just wondering. Every week I get mail saying that people are not satisfied with their level of English. Which is a mystery to them because they read my newsletter every week!

Listen, darling, I am thrilled that you read my newsletter. Truly and deeply. And your feedback and comments really inspire me and make me want to write more and write better.  However, I am not a miracle maker. Just reading my weekly love letter to you is not enough. Believe me, I wish it were! Then I’d be signing up for newsletters in about 11 languages every week!

You. Need. To. DO. Something.
Yes, you do. Reading makes you a good listener. It makes you recognize words as it reinforces your passive skills and puts words in your head. Where they will sit, getting dusty, and perhaps forgotten, until you DUST THEM OFF and USE THEM. I’m a huge fan of ‘Use it or Lose it’ – because it’s really true. Reading is great. Listening is fabulous. However, to actually speak en write better you need to ACTIVATE all of those wonderful words in your head.

“But how?” you might be wondering. (Actually you might not be wondering about this at all – you might be wondering why Kim Kardashian was wearing a fur bikini in the snow last week.

Why not start now? Send me an email! Tweet to me on Twitter. Send me a message on Facebook. I’m always kind of around, so if you feel like activating your English, write me! And why not try to speak English with your family or colleagues every day for just 10 minutes? Or make every Wednesday night ‘English night’ at home? (Kids actually love this.) There’s so many things you can do. So go out there and get started! Mail me some of the things you’re going to do this week. I read every single mail and message I get and I try to respond to each and every one. And hey, Valentine’s Day is coming up – why not practise writing a cheesy love poem that you can send to someone you adore? I can check it for you if you like!

Hope that helps get the ball rolling. You can make it happen. I can help, but it’s you who has to get out there and do it. Cheerleaders never score. I’m here cheering for you on the sidelines, sweetie. The rest is up to you!

Now get out there and get in the game.

Wit lof,

Buffi x

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