Every day is 24K

24K DAY:

We all have 24 hours in the day.
But….how are you spending it?
Let’s change time into something that many feel is just as precious – money.
So… let’s say you have 24,000 euros to spend every day.
That’s it.

How are you going to spend it?
Scrolling through social media posts for an hour (or two)?
Is that worth 2,000 euros to you?
How about crashing in front of the TV at night for 2 hours?
Another 2,000 euros gone.

Every penny counts.
Every minute counts.

Use your time well.

This is how I’m shifting my use of my own time, and it’s really paying off (pun intended):

  1. Move for an hour 6 days a week.
  2. Don’t move AT ALL 1 day a week (Ok, maybe 15 minutes to go to the fridge and back a few times).
  3. Create social media content that is educational, entertaining, and impactful.
  4. Unfriending people and unfollowing accounts that no longer inspire or interest me.
  5. If I get frustrated about something, I turn that frustration into ACTION. I write out what’s bothering me, look at it, and find 1 tiny (tiny!) step that I can take to ease my irritation. (Often I don’t even need to take that 1 step, because getting it out of my head and on to paper is all I need to do.)
  6. Turning off my phone in the evening and setting clear boundaries with my clients. 
  7. Making sure I have my fruit and exercise early in the morning because I know it won’t happen at any other time during the day.
  8. Finding great joy in the smallest of things and stopping to let the gorgeousness sink in. This could mean just sitting facing the sun with my eyes closed for a full minute, smelling a flower that I pass on my morning walk, picking up trash in the park and throwing it away (I feel the joy afterwards, not during!), starting and ending the day with hugs and words of gratitude.
  9. Reminding myself that every ‘no’ to someone else is a ‘YES!’ to me.
  10. Realizing that I don’t have to talk to everyone at a party, and that I need time to ease back into busy social situations, and that it’s ok to feel overwhelmed when you are surrounded by lots of strangers and music (and a line for the bathroom). I’m sometimes not ready for all of this, and that’s ok. This social butterfly needs time to spread her wings again.

So…how are you going to invest in yourself today?
Don’t waste your time on things (or people!) that don’t matter.
Be kind to yourself.
Spend your time well.
Don’t waste it.
You’re worth every penny!

See you next week!
(Make time to eat well, too. The best bagels are in Brooklyn!)
X Buffi

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