I hope that you are still in your pyjamas today, easing into the new year with grace, style, and maybe some cookie crumbs on your shirt.

This is what I wish for you, this year and every year.

That you live freely.
Without shame.
Without comparison.
Without doubt.
Without hesitation.

That you find your gift and share it freely with the world.

That’s about it.

If your mindset or your communication skills are holding you back, let me know.
There are ways to work on that, of course.

But you can do so much on your own.
Right now.
First step – stop the comparison.

There will always, always be someone smarter than you.
Richer than you.
Brighter than you.
Thinner than you.

But no one can ever be more YOU than you.
So please be YOU today.
Be the biggest YOU you can be.

That’s what this world truly needs.
In all your glory.
With all your flaws.

Today, and every day.
May your new year be one of light and love, sanity and serenity, and health and happiness.

With love,

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