Happy Liberation Day!

I always say your words shape your world.
They really do.

The way you show up in the world starts with how you show up for yourself.

Let’s talk about one of my clients, let’s call her Inge.

Inge was asked to fill in for one of her colleagues who was unexpectedly ill and had to go home early.

Normally, this is not a problem.
She’s capable.

But not this day. Oh no.
Because this was the day that the new Swedish team was arriving for a tour of her company and a presentation about how it was organized.
Now Inge had to do this.

Inge was terrified.
Inge kept saying to herself ‘I’m so nervous. I’m SO nervous. OMG. I am so NERVOUS.’
Again and again in her head.

But guess what?
I’ll tell you now what I told Inge.

Your body has the SAME physical reaction to being nervous as it does to being genuinely excited about something.

Before you ask someone to marry you.
Before you have that job interview.
Before you get on that rollercoaster.
Before you go on that ‘omg I can’t believe it’s finally here’ first date.

Your body has the same physical reaction – shaky lips and hands, a dry mouth, perspiration, etc.

So let’s liberate ourselves from being nervous.
All you have to do is say ‘I’m so excited!’ ‘Wow!’ ‘This is going to be FUN!’’YEAH!’
Or any variety that you choose, as long as it’s positive.

Then your body will react and your MIND will think ‘Oh, this is good! Yeah for us! Let’s GOOOOOOO!’

And your audience will see a difference, before you even say your first word.
They will feel your enthusiasm and be excited about what you are going to share.
Everybody wins when you liberate yourself from nerves!

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