How do you show up in the world?

Happy Monday!

I wanted to pop into your mailbox today to share some things I said last week in the Dutch media about showing up in the world.

I talked to Radio 1 live about the English pronunciation of the Prime Minister (and other politicians) and wondered out loud why English pronunciation is clearly overlooked when it comes to media training. (Not in my sessions, of course, but apparently with other coaches…)

You can hear the interview (with some concrete tips and tricks) live hier and you can read the follow up article hier.

If you’d like to tackle the most difficult sound (for many) in English, practise with me hier.

And just a few days before that I was at the and.bloom party (which was incredible and full of women who love their life and love ageing!) where I was interviewed by Edith Dohman of Style Has No Size about my views on fashion and ageing. I also talk about why I always have an invisible ‘fuck it bucket’ with me. The things that are UNDER my attention line go in this bucket. Things like what strangers think of me, comparing myself to others, feeling shame, etc. No time for that in my limited life.

My interview is 90 seconds and you can hear it hier.

So….how are you showing up in the world today? Are you showing up with confidence or shame? Do you feel great about your message that you’re sharing with the world? Can you be the best form of you and live in a way that creates impact?

Your words shape your world.
Use them well.
These are the ones I wanted to share with you today.

Have a super day!
X Buffi

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