I don’t want you to do this…..

Happy Monday!

Want to hear what I don’t want to hear as a coach?

I’m 100% prepared for my talk!’

This makes my coach heart nervous.
I’ll tell you why….

I don’t want you to be 100% prepared.
You know why?
Because life will throw you a curve ball.
Someone is going to sneeze 4 times in the middle of your talk.
Someone’s phone is going to ring. (You might even be this someone!)
You might drop your notes and have to shuffle them quick to get them back into the right order. (This is why you should always number your cards.)
The WIFI might drop.
The electricity might go out.
We might all be abducted by aliens. You never know.

If you are 100% prepared, this means you have 0% flexibility to deal with the curve balls life might throw at you.
This means HELLO FREAK OUT if something does NOT go according to YOUR plan.

So…goodbye freak out!
Hello, spontaneity!

As a coach I ask you to be 90% prepared.
And to be prepared for the unexpected.

When life throws you a curveball, you’ll be ready to catch it.

I hope this helps you rock your next talk!
See you next week!

XX Buffi

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