I get coaching requests every day. But this one was different…..

I get coaching requests every day.
But this one was different.

Hi Buffi,
I know you mainly focus on English language related courses, but I was wondering if you have some tips and tricks for my daughter ….
She is 7 and is about to have her first public speaking appearance in Dutch (I know it’s late compared to the US). lt will be a presentation of about 10- 15min on a topic … can choose (She’s considering Dogs or the Seaside/Beach)
lt would be great to hear from you to give her the joy and pleasure of public speaking as a good start for the rest of her life!

It kind of opened a door in my heart I didn’t even know was there.
Imagine what it would be like if you were 7 years old and stood up in front of your class, without fear, without shame, and shared your story with confidence. What would the rest of your life be like if you could develop that skill at such a young age? Imagine how you would navigate the waters of adulthood and how your life would change.

I shared this on my social media and got so many reactions from parents who were struggling with the same thing at home. And also struggling themselves. How to prepare and deliver a talk you feel good about, and still feel good about yourself no matter what?

I did an IG live about this, and I’m happy to share the video here with you.
In this mini-masterclass you will learn:

1. Why ‘Not my circus, not my monkeys’ is my favorite mantra
2. A breathing exercise to help you feel grounded and balanced
3. That what people think of you is none of your business
4. How to put something tangible in your pocket (or sock!) to boost your confidence fast
5. Why staying in your lane wil make you happier
6. Why you should never be 100% prepared
7. How to be a great tour guide for every learning journey
8. The one thing people forget to mention which leads to a disconnect with their audience
9. Why sharing success is not arrogant, but inspiring
10. and a LOT more! 😉

Click hier to watch it, or just go outside, put your headphones on, and listen to it as a podcast!
This was my first IG live of THIS YEAR and the response was so positive I think I will do it again. If there’s something you’d like me to do an IG masterclass on, just let me know!

Thanks so much, and I hope you find these tips helpful!
(Thank you E for reaching out, and I hope that L feels like a rock star after watching! Let me know how it goes!)

X buffi

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