I started doing this when I was 8.

The first time I really sat down and started thinking hard about New Year’s Resolutions was 40 years ago. I was 8. I was visiting my grandmother in Florida (or as we say it, ‘Flahrida’). I thought a lot about my life and what I was happy about (not much) and what I wanted to change (a lot) for the new year. My list looked like this:

1. Stop going to the hospital so much.
2. Be nicer to my brother, but fight back when he hits me.
3. Help people more.
4. Try to kiss a boy.
5. Write a song.
6. Go to the mall by myself.

That’s about it. I had very few wishes but each one meant a lot to me. (Especially the hospital one, I’ve been there way too much – having a chronic disease as a child sucks.)

That year I did write a song. I kissed a girl AND a boy. I didn’t go to the mall by myself but I did walk around with a friend. I didn’t hit my brother back, but I learned how to hide better. And I helped people.

Every year since then I’ve made a list.
And over the past few years my list has gotten shorter and shorter – actually it’s just two words.

Help people.

That’s it. That’s really all I want to do for the rest of my life.
Whether I’m coaching a CEO of an enormous multinational, writing lyrics with a rock star, helping new Nederlanders with their homework, it’s all the same. I’m helping people. And that’s all I want to do for the rest of my days.

I’d love to help you. I’m launching my free video course DETOX JE STEENKOLEN ENGELS on 16 January. You can find out more about it (and no, I wasn’t drunk) hier. Even if your English is not ‘steenkolen’ level, I am sure you will find some eye-openers. Like the 7 things you should never do when writing an English email. Or the 4 things you need to know before you even start preparing your next presentation. Or how 3 tiny tweaks in your mouth can eliminate the biggest pronunciation mistakes. Or the 4 grammar forms that you’ve been mixing up for too long. And more. You can sign up on www.buffiduberman.com.

Let me help you find new confidence in English – I’d really love to!

What’s on your list for this year? I’m curious!

May this year bring you love and light, health and happiness, passion and peace.

With so much love,

X buffi

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