I turn 51 today and I’ve got a present for you!

It’s my 51st birthday today!

And I’ve got a gift for YOU!
I’m giving out free hugs on Saturday!

On August 31, I’ll be at the Den Bosch train station from 10.00-11.00, and then at Utrecht Centraal (inside, on the Jaarbeurs side) from around 12.00 till 13.00.

Come and grab your free birthday hug!
I’ve been doing this for years, and hugging people is one of my favorite things to do!

And…if you would like to give me a birthday gift, I am so proud to announce that my foundation, the B.DEAL FOUNDATION, launches today!

This is the Buffi Duberman Education and Language Foundation. It’s an educational bridge between people in Europe and children studying English in the North of Bali. If you would like to give me a gift, please consider making a small donation. Every little bit helps! The money will be used to buy books, whiteboards, and create a scholarship fund for poor children who are unable to afford English education. They need English in order to have a bright future in the travel and tourism industry. Many of these children will have to support their parents at a young age, and many of their parents are illiterate. You can read all about how scared I was to this this hier and how it got born hier.

I’ve been working very hard behind the scenes to make this happen, and I am so grateful for the help of Buro Staal, who kindly donated the building of the website for me! Kindness is magic!

Whether you come for your free hug, or give me a gift…I just want to thank you.

Thank you so much for reading my newsletter every week.
For writing me back.
For sharing your ideas.
For asking me lots of questions.
For being you.

Sending you 51 high fives, hugs, fist bumps, and air kisses!

With love,
Birthday Buffi!

Feeling 51derful today!

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