If you learn one thing from me, let it be this….

I want you to know, in your heart, one thing.
It took me a long, long time to learn it, and I want you to learn it faster than I did.
And never forget it.
Because I never will.Here it is:There will always be someone hotter than you.
There will always be someone richer than you.
There will always be someone skinnier or fitter than you.
There will always be someone smarter than you.But there will NEVER be anyone more YOU than you.

So stop comparing.
And start shining.

Get out there and be the MOST you that you have ever been.
That’s what we need in the world.

All of you.
Without shame.
Without comparison.
Just you.

Because you are ENOUGH.
And you are WONDERFUL just as you are.

That’s it!
Feel free to share this with someone who needs to read it!

I wish you a magical week, full of the awesomeness that only you can bring!



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