If you want something you’ve never had, you’ve got to do something you’ve never done.

At least, that’s the way I see it, sweetie. Happy Monday, my dear! I hope today is off to a great start, no matter how long ago it started (people from all over the globe read this, so good morning and good night, wherever you are!).

I’m still glowing from the magic of TEDXAmsterdamWomen last Friday. It was an honor and a pleasure to coach so many amazing women – from Marlou van Rhijn, the fastest woman in the world on blades, to Arita Baaijens, who has spent 8 years exploring Siberia (after spending months on end alone exploring the Sahara…oh, wait, she wasn’t alone…she had a camel with her), to the incredibly eloquent Astrid Elburg, who talked about true leadership and diversity, and Wassila Hachchi, a member of Parliament who is a former military leader and is Moroccan, with Jewish roots, who talked about thoughtful dialogue. For so many of these women (and many other speakers), sharing their passion while standing alone, on a huge stage, in front of hundreds of people, while it was also being streamed live globally, was A. Big. Deal. It was wonderful to see their evolution as speakers  – going from “Can I really do this?” to “OMG I’m doing it!” to “Oh wow, that was so much fun- when can I do that again?!”. They wanted something they never had before, so they had to do something they had never done before.

What’s something you want that you’ve never had? Is it a new skill, a new sense of confidence, a new feeling of pride in your talents? If what you’re doing hasn’t brought you there yet, maybe it’s time to try something new. A new direction. Find new insight. An unexpected twist.

Life brings us challenges every day and our success is determined in how we face them – head on or hiding? If having better confidence in communication is something I can help you with – just send me a mail! I’ve got a free Masterclass waiting for you at www.businessenglishcommunication.com – it will help you speak English better. If you scroll down, you can download my free Telephone Skills PDF, which will help you feel more confident when making or receiving telephone calls. My gift to you. Share it with all your friends. (You know who they are. The ones who avoid talking English. Yup. Them.)The first step is up to you – are you going to take it?

One more gift for you – a free professional photo shoot if you register for Nancy Poleon’s online course on Personal Branding. If you’d like to find out more about who you are and what you want to share with the world (and HOW to do just that), then this new online course is just for you! I had so much fun filming my lesson on Authentic Storytelling! If you use the code buffi, you will get a free photo shoot with Titia Hahne! I have seen firsthand what learning about yourself and how to share it with the world can mean to your career – do consider taking this incredibly useful course!

Ok, my favorite in the world, I have to go and twist untwisted minds. Sending you a bucketful of Buffilove, today and every day. Thanks for letting me slip into your inbox today – I really like it here! See you zoen.

Wit lof from buffi x

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