Imagine a world….

Imagine a world….

Where people wanted the best for each other.
Where success was seen as inspiring and not a threat.
Where learning new skills is exciting, fun, and challenging.
Where pitching your ideas to a new international audience is not scary.
Where writing an email is easy and fast.
Where English phrases are there, ready for you to use, whenever you need them.

Welcome to my world!

Buffi, I never thought I’d say it, but not only did I nail my presentation, I actually enjoyed doing it! Your coaching made all the difference. Thanks so much! ” –
G.K., Marketing Executive, Amsterdam

I’d love to help you feel confident the next time you need English at work.

You have so many words that you know in your head.
You read something in English, and you get it.
You listen to something in English, and you get it.

However, you’re not using all of the words that you know. You’re only using the same (boring!) ones over and over again.

Your head knows a lot more than your mouth does!

Let me give you some new tools.
In English!

In my free, dynamic, interactive webinar on Feb 20th, you’ll learn:

*The hardest words and sounds in English and how to tackle them
*The 4 grammar points that don’t mean what you think they do
*The difference between formal and informal English communication style
*What you’re missing when it comes to pitching and presenting in English

….and so much more!

Join me live on February 20th at 20.30. The webinar will be recorded and sent to you afterwards, so do sign up even if you’re not able to make it live. You can still learn on your own!

Can’t wait to work with you!
Confidence is just a click away!
Grab your spot hier.

I cannot wait!
See you zoen, my dear!

X buffi

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