It’s a win-win situation….

It’s a win-win!

My clients are busy.
They are movers and shakers, and thought leaders in their field.
They want results, and they don’t have a lot of time.

They often ask me to help them negotiate better deals in English.

Here are 3 tips I’d like to share with you:

1.DITCH THE DOUBT: If you are negotiating (or pitching, or presenting, or in a meeting) and you have doubts about your English, wondering if you are coming across professionally, hesitating about what you are saying, this could be interpreted as you having doubts about your business. This is of course not the case. Feeling confident, not only about your product or service, but your communication skills is KEY before you walk into that boardroom.

2.SOFTNESS IS STRENGTH: Softening ‘bad’ news creates an enormous ripple effect. Remember, in English (unlike Dutch, Spanish, German, Italian, French, etc) we do NOT have a formal or informal way of saying ‘you’. We use other words or phrases to express formality. One important way to show respect is to use ‘softening’ language. Starting a sentence with ‘Unfortunately,…’ or ‘I’m afraid….’ shows your counterpart that you are crafting a message with respect and want to soften the blow and stay professional.

3.KEEP THE DOOR OPEN: Temporary time indicators can make such a difference when you want to express that ‘no’ is short for ‘no…t right now’. If appropriate, end your sentence with ‘at this time’ or ‘this quarter’. There’s a big difference between ‘We can’t afford that’ vs ‘I’m afraid that’s beyond our budget for this quarter’.

More business tips on how to feel, write, and speak more professionally? I’ve got hundreds of them waiting for you in the Business Brownstone, the Mindset Mansion, the Vocabulary Valley, and 4 other courses in my new app and platform Communication Nation! I have tested it in Berlin, Miami, and NYC and it’s a HIT! Even native speakers found new insights, useful phrases, and communication templates.

Doors open Feb 1 for 1 week only.
The 7 courses on the inside are worth over €3,000.
An annual membership is just €379.
The next time the doors open (later in 2023)  the price will go up considerably.

Now I’ve got a win-win situation for you – if you join on Feb 1 or 2, you can get an annual membership for just €179, and that’s your price all year, and every year that you stay a member. Even when we release more courses, features, and lessons.

Sign up for the waiting list and be first to grab that special discount! It truly is the best deal ever.

Love, Buffi
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