It’s my birthday today! Hello 52, I love you already! And this is what I know.

Woot woot!

It’s my birthday today and I just had to send some Buffilove your way.

Today I turn 52.
I love it.
I love getting older.
A lot!

I wanted to take a moment to share some things that I have learned. They might be helpful for you to know.One of them might be just what you needed to hear today.

1. Age is a gift. Just think of so many people- good people, smart people, kind people- who were not given the blessing of getting this far in life. You have made it this far. Lucky you!

2. You’re not old, you’ve just been fabulous longer than other people.

3. Every ‘no’ to someone else is a ‘yes’ to you. Make sure you say ‘yes’ to  yourself as often as you can.

4. There will always be someone richer, smarter, hotter, fitter than you. But nobody will ever (ever!) be more you than YOU. So get out there and be the most YOU that you can ever be. That’s what we need in this world. The real YOU.

5. Hurt people hurt people.

6. You are the gatekeeper of your life. You can control who and what you let in. If something or someone feels toxic, lock the gate.

7. The only thing a woman over 50 (or anyone at any age) should never wear is the burden of the expectation of others.

8. Life is short, Make it deep.

These are my 8 life lessons for you today. It took me a long, long time to learn them. I hope you learn them sooner. (I’m only doing 8 because 8 is my lucky number! I was born on 8-28-68 and the only numbers besides 8 are 6 and 2. And that adds up to 8!)

If you’d like to join my celebration, I have a Buffi Birthday Week special! Everyone who orders something on my website through Monday night will receive a special gift from me! It’s my small way of thanking you for laughing and learning with me.

Thank you for all your support – it means the world to me.
What life lessons have you learned? I’m so curious!

Buffi (who is 52 today but feels 25!).

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