It’s time to level up…

Welcome to Business Blunders!

So many people use English on a regular basis.

And so many people think the same thing: ‘Nobody is correcting me, so my English must be perfect!’

Not the case. No feedback does NOT mean no mistakes. You might be shocked to discover how many ‘bad habits’ have crept into your English over the years, my dear! 

Ready to discover some of the biggest English mistakes you might be making? And learn how to never make them again?

Let’s go!

Welcome to my Business Blunders Masterclass! With a special newsletter discount!

My Business Blunders Masterclass is in my webshop for €67, but as a special gift to you as a beloved newsletter reader, I’d like to offer it to you for just €47

In just 30 minutes, this dynamic masterclass will help you avoid the most common English mistakes and transform your professional English. You’ll learn about:

  • The Most Popular Writing Mistake
  • Formality in English: Modal Verbs and Placement of ‘Please’
  • Email Icebreakers & Endings
  • Grammar: Present tenses, Prepositions, Past Simple tense
  • Vocabulary: Formal & Informal English
  • Useful Phrases for Apologizing, Saying Thank You, and Expressing Urgency

Activate what you learn with my interactive 40-page workbook, packed with detailed explanations, practical exercises, and useful phrases, so you can practice it all immediately!

So many people expressed interest in getting this course – there were SO many nominations- that’s why I’m offering it to you all with a special discount, as we could only have 1 winner!


That winner of a FREE Business Blunders course was chosen at random, from the dozens of nominations that came in from all over the world – Italy, Australia, Canada, Germany, Bali, and even Hawaii! Our lucky winner is….INGRID, who was kindly nominated by Vera. Congratulations! 

I’m afraid I could only select one winner. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn with me too! More confidence is just one click away, with an exclusive discount that you will not find in my webshop. This is my way of thanking you for reading my newsletter. 

Our connection means so much to me!


Buffi, your Blunder Whisperer

PS: If you are already a member of Communication Nation, you get this course for free! You can see it on your module dashboard as of today.


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