I’ve never done this before, so how can I mess it up?

I’ve never done this before, so how can I mess it up?
A few days ago I launched a card game.
Do I know anything about card games?
So why did I do it?
I wanted to find a fun way for adults to learn and improve their English.
This is kind of my thing. I couldn’t find a cool learning method, so I created one. That became Rock Your English!, now in its 9th print run. I couldn’t find a fun interactive ebook, so I wrote one- that became Work It!.  I couldn’t find a way to teach people that grammar is cool, so I taught at Lowlands.
And now the time has come to Talk Nerdy To Me.
I want people to have fun. To enjoy learning.
The more you laugh, the more you learn.
(This is actually true.) 
So my cards are out there, to help you learn (and activate!) grammar structures, emotional and descriptive language, and English expressions and idioms. You’ll add color and spice to your language and have fun at the same time. The Talk Nerdy To Me Card Deck is € 49,95 (including tax) for 150 beautifully designed cards. Here’s a video of me using them, and you can find out more hier.

And while we’re at it, let’s increase your vocabulary RIGHT NOW. Want to sound smart? Try this.
Instead of saying ‘drunk’, try ‘inebriated’. (This is pronounced ‘i-NEE-bree-ay-tid’.)
Try saying ‘provide’ instead of ‘give’.
And how about ‘value for money’ instead of ‘cheap’?
Maybe using ‘gigantic’ instead of ‘large’?
And try ‘multi-passionate’ instead of ‘chaotic’, when describing a person (if that’s appropriate, of course).

Oh, in case you missed it, I was on the Tijd Voor Max show, together with Jerry From The Tree ;). My part starts at 24.25.
And I had a fantastic time at my sold-out Rock Your Business English event in September! Thank you all for coming and joining me on a learning journey! We will do this again next year!

Last weekend I had my last Songwriters Weekend of the year, where I offer unsigned artists half-price lyrics and pronunciation coaching. This sold out so fast we will do it again next year, and maybe expand it to 3 days! It’s my way of investing in talent development. And speaking of talent development, you can still catch me on The Talent Project, on Friday nights at 20.30 on RTL4.

Signing off for now, thank you so much for reading as always, and if you haven’t used English for a while, hit ‘reply’ and write me back!

With love!
X buffi

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