Keep it classy, folks. (And this is why I’m always positive.)

Hundreds of you reached out to me to congratulate me on my new career change as a Chinese Coach. You congratulated me on my brilliance. You asked me to be interviewed, translate a live cooking show, meet your neighbor, do volunteer outreach work, teach a time management course, and so much more. I’m sorry not sorry to let you know it was all an April Fools joke! (In case you missed it, it’s hier.) I wrote you all back personally, at least I hope you did, but just in case I missed someone, I sincerely apologise for being just a run of the mill English coach (ok, maybe one with a world record and fabulous clients, and nails!) and I hope to do this until my dying days (which will be spent, of course, coaching English on a cruise ship off of my private island while eating vegan sushi like this. But I digress…).

Here are a few tips for you today. I want you to stay classy and positive. I truly feel your words shape your world, so let’s make it awesome while we’re still here, right?

You can say ‘There is a problem.’ This is clear. Honest, and direct. And it gets right to the point. However, if you say this to someone who is expecting a more formal approach (as is often the case when dealing with British and American counterparts), they might feel defensive immediately. If you say ‘There seems to be a problem’, this encourages dialogue and discussion, which the first sentence does not. This alternative will lead to a faster solution, as you have encouraged a non-defensive response.

Let’s have another example. How about this beauty – ‘We are dissatisfied.’ Again, this cuts right to the chase, something the Dutch are (in)famous for. When you are communicating in Dutch, this works, well, as this is how the game is played. However, this too closes the door to communication. If you say something like ‘We are not completely satisfied’ instead, this opens up the door to a more effective dialogue which will, in the end, make the world a better place.

So keep it classy, folks.
Stay positive.
Why am I always so positive?
I see the joy in everything and everyone, and I live in gratitude.
I love what I do, I do it with love, for people I love.
Oh, and my blood type, since you didn’t ask?
It’s B Positive.
For real!

I hope this slice of Buffilove helps you communicate with warmth and style!

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See you zoen!
Love from your non-Chinese speaking coach.
X buffi

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