How To Leave That Crap Behind (Fast)

Last week I was honored to give a Masterclass about my career called ‘How To Break The Rules’ at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. I was talking to new graduates, who were about to take over the music industry (and the rest of the world) in a few short weeks. They had tons of questions and I had tons of answers. They also had fantastic answers for me – every time I teach, I always learn more. Love it!

I did a short exercise with them that I do with many of my private clients. I designed this, basically, for myself many years ago. I was beating myself up about things I was not good at. (There are many – parallel parking, reading a map, understanding math, dealing with financial issues, and saying no.) I was dragging my incompetence in these fields around with me for years, like a ball and chain. I was limping and exhausted and I had to find a way to let it all go- but how?

Well, I started DIG-ging. This is what I did, and it worked. And you can do it too. Like right now. So get a pen and paper ready (nice and retro) or grab your notepad on your phone.

First, make a list of 10 things you suck at. (When I do this in workshops, most of the time the women say …’Wait, only 10?’ and the men say ‘Wait, I have to think of 10?!?’). These can be things in your personal or professional life. Write them down.

Now look back at your list. You can give each item a letter – D, I, or G. If you give something a D, that means you will Delegate it to someone else (write down who will be the lucky one to get this), I is for Improvement (write down one sentence on how you will take the first step to make this better – lessons, workshops, reading about it, asking for help, hiring someone, etc), and G means Gracefully Letting Go. Drop that shit right now.

When you do this, you might realize that there is so much you’re holding on to for no reason. If something does not contribute to your joy in life, why get mad that you can’t do it? If you drop it or fix it or give it to someone else, you will feel 10 kilos lighter.

When I coach someone, I ask them to leave me the things with a G. When they leave my office, the G list stays in my drawer. I have so many scraps of paper and I’m filled with joy every time I see them; knowing my clients left a bit lighter and a lot happier.

I taught those kids how to Break The Rules when it comes to building an awesome career from the ground up. They all saw me as a successful entrepreneur. And I made sure they knew that I built a career on the 3 things I can do really well. And there are over 3,000 things I can’t do well.

And I’m ok with that.
I really, truly am.

I wish the same for you.
So get digging, darling!

X buffi

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