Your library is full! Let’s get dusting….

Ok, darling, let’s get something straight.
Just because you watch Netflix without subtitles, it does NOT mean that your English is good.

*shock and awe*

It means that your EARS are good.
Your EYES are good.
Yeah for them! #TeamEyesAndEars

Your mouth, however?
Well, that’s another story.

Just because you understand words, does NOT mean that you are using them. (Are you nodding your head by now?)
You have a huge library in your head.
It looks like this:

Every time you hear a new word, that’s where it goes.
And guess what? It’s really hard to find that word again.
If you’ve ever had trouble finding the right word at the right time, this is why. Your shelves are too full! This is why you stay in your comfort zone and use the same words over and over again.

So let’s get dusting and start to USE those words that are lying around getting dusty in your head.

I’ll show you how at my Rock Your Business English! masterclass on 22 March. We will work on new strategies for incorporating dynamic vocabulary into your English. We’ll also work on generating new phrases, expressions, and degrees of formality so that you can really sound (and FEEL!) like a pro in English.

This week, I spent 2 lovely days in Leeuwarden coaching a fabulous client who needs English to moderate international events. She said to me “You remind me that I can learn and laugh at the same time!”

And I’m actually writing this from a hotel room in Leuven, Belgium, where I’m spending a couple of days coaching the winner of The Voice. She said in our session today ‘I never realised how many subtleties there are in English – there are so many options to choose from!’

I’d love to help you have fun and feel like a rock star in English (even if, unlike some of my clients, you are not a rock star in real life).

All the info is here, and space is very limited, as I want to give everyone individual feedback.

See you on March 22, and don’t worry, I’ve got a duster waiting for you!

X Buffi

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