Like a rainbow. Yeah, I said rainbow.

“Buffi, I’m so tired of using English. It’s getting boring.”


“Because I’m sick of using the same words over and over again.”

“I get that. That’s not only boring for you, but also for the people you’re talking to. Have you ever tried to use different words?”

“Um, not really.”

“Ok. Grab a coffee and come sit with me.”

If you went to an amazing museum, and all the paintings were the same color, how would you feel? If you went to a concert where every note was played by the same instrument in the same way, how much would you listen? If you went to a restaurant and everything on the menu was the same, would you… Ok, I think you get it.

Communication is expressing yourself, much in the same way as you would when it comes to painting, making music, or cooking. You decide the colors, the notes, the ingredients. No one else. However, if you’re limited in your choice, then people will get bored. (And hungry, if they’re in your restaurant!)

I don’t want that to happen to you. I want you to have every single word at your disposal. All. The. Time. People fall into the same descriptive trap far too often, and it’s my job to get in there and get you out (putting on my mining hat as we type).

What are the 3 most overused descriptive words in English? To me, they’re ‘good’, ‘nice’, and ‘big’. I hear and read these words all the time, as they are used to describe so many different things, situations, and people. At the end of the day, these words have lost so much of their impact. At least to me.

Quick. Right now. Grab a pen and write down 5 different ways to say ‘big’. Then 5 more. Look at your list. Doesn’t it sound so much cooler to hear “Her new house was enormous/gargantuan/ monumental/huge” instead of “Her new house was… big”? That’s what I want for you. More colors in your palette. More notes in your music. More ingredients in your dishes. A communication rainbow at your disposal. Mail me your list. Mail me 50 words that will raise eyebrows and pique interest (see? I just used a cool word right there. Don’t know what it means? Use, darling! I’m not going to do all the hard work for you!).

I know you can do better. And so can you. Now go out there and find out what’s at the end of the rainbow.

Wit lof from your English coach Buffi x

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